Slaughter In - Floyd Out

Apparently Slaughter will be in the lineup on Sunday replacing Floyd .


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Let's say that I am surprised but I totally agree with this move. It can't be worse; unfortunate for Floyd but you have to produce.While I don't expect that Rashaud Slaughter will win us the game, he should help; I also appreciate that he can also be used as a RB,along with WR; we have more options with him.


Hopefully Slaughter can be used in the Haskins type hybrid RB/WR role that Hawkins was used in.

London has been impressive, but is too similar a possession receiver as Richardson & Green. We need to stretch the wide CFL field.

Good move. Floyd has been useless at KR and Slaughter looked to be the best at the position in training camp. And as Richard noted, we can actually use Slaughter at RB or WR.

Over the past two seasons we've used Maypray, Vann, Ferri, Dix, Bratton, Floyd (anyone else I missed?), all with nothing much to show for it (although Maypray did rip off a few good returns for TDs last season). Something tells me that just sending out a new returner is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. . . but here's hoping Slaughter proves me wrong.

Too soon to go ga-ga over this move. Floyd did not produce, that much is true. Others, however, have not fared much better. Part of this is the blocking scheme and the other part is the natural ability as a returner - i.e. find a seam, make a cut, and then turn on the afterburners. Further, he has not played a down when the bullets were flying for real.

So, let's wish him and the Als all the best on Sunday.

Ferri and Bratton pop out the occasionally great return. I still remember Ferri’s bull-dozing return touchdown last season, and Bratton’s had some pretty good returns himself. I don’t think either should be our main guy, but I’m still happy to see either of them returning kicks; more so than I did watching Maypray, Vann or Floyd, in any case, with the exception of Maypray on Missed Field Goals. He seemed to have an odd talent at those. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the Als saw the same thing I saw. Floyd does not protect the football and it is just a matter of time before he turns over the ball deep in Als territory. I doubt they expect any returner to fix our kick return teams...

He can't be worse than Floyd. No way.

His college return stats dont give me the warm and fuzzies…

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Is it too late to wish the Alouettes had kept Owens
Or Larry Taylor?

Gee hindsight is 20/20
So what is foresight?

27/22 apparently. :rockin: