Slap My Mother???

This should be the mantra of the O'Line.

"You hit my's like you slapped my mother, to me"...."I don't like to see my QB get his shirt dirty".

These are the words of Travis Claridge, may he RIP.

I see we have a new #57 coming in...also born in Michigan and built somewhat similar to Travis.

Welcome Mr. Young...please protect our QB. :thup:

Well written woody. You can tell from my signature that I was (and still am) a big fan of '57'.

So why ANOTHER "O" line topic? why didn't you just add to the existing one?

This thread is more about “Attitude” than just the O’line.

Besides, if I took your attitude on a thread…every thread would be made into one…after all it’s all about football right?

For those interested in a follow-up to Travis life…his family and such check out an article by an LA writer. I’ll post a link.

[url=] ... EQLl7-lWQA[/url]