Slam Sports POLL : Which do you like more?

Just another important Slam Poll to vote in. :thup:





The GREY CUP is well ahead but with only 76 votes so far.

The media do listen to these polls. :cowboy:

My vote goes to the Grey Cup

vote here aswell, as the toronto sun poll has superbore and grey cup tied at 38%

while they put the game on the front page, they also highlighted the embarrasing trophy break.

Polls, smolls, you could get one CFL basher and he'll tell his friends to vote agains't the GC. These polls mean nothing to me regardless of the outcome.

The Grey Cup first, followed by the Stanley Cup then the Super Bowl. However, I am only going to watch the Stanley cup and the Super Bowl if my teams are playing. Grey cup I watch no matter who is playing.

most who prefer NFL dont even bother with slam site or polls.

Its like doing a poll on this site as to which league is best.

TRUST ME , the media pays attention to these polls.

It gives them an idea of what people want to read about.

THE STAR does reader surveys as do other media out lets.

Grey Cup
Super Bowl
Memorial Cup
Stanley Cup (Would be higher except for the last two years)

Grey Cup
Stanley Cup
nothing else matters!

Agree with Drummer God

Right Now The Grey Cup Is Way Ahead In The Slam Sports Poll, 63% To 24% But Behind In The Sun Sports Poll, 35% To 40%. That Kinda Wierd Because Both Polls Are Done By Canoe Live.

I repeat, most NFL lovers are not voting in these polls. They are busy on NFL sites.

Well, most, but not all: given my druthers, I guess I prefer the Grey Cup to the Super Bowl (unless the Packers are playing), because it seems to be a more exciting matchup-but I prefer the NCAA college bowl games to either one.


Even thought the new NHL is pathetic so actually I might agree with you.

if you value stanley more than grey, then you aint fit to be called simon.

so there.

I agree that the new NHL is pathetic!

Sportsmen, I was about to say that I'm surprised the Stanley Cup is lower on your list because of two Canadian teams playing in it the past two years, but then again I suppose you're a Canucks fan :wink: I'm enough of an Oilers anti-fan to cheer for Carolina in the final, but it must really suck being the odd one out of the three :slight_smile:

Anyway, Grey Cup doesn't just top my list of sports events, it's one of the things I look forward to the most over the course of the year.

I've voted ... but these polls are about as unscientific as possible :slight_smile: