Slam Sports : POLL : CFL or NFL?

There is an article at this link about the great EDMONTON / CALGARY game but the article about the game might not be there on SATURDAY but the POLL should be there either on this front page link or in the CFL section of Slam Sports on SAT.! :thup:

The POLL is on the right hand side of the page. :thup:



or NFL ?

any one?

I voted.

Right now the results are 80-20 in favour of the CFL.

81-19 for the CFL!

This is a very important poll to answer. SLAM SPORTS is run and owned by the TORONTO SUN.

If people don't want to write letters this will also help allot. :thup:

But trust me letters do work. :thup:

Recently I wrote The Star about the many mistakes that they made in their " NFL coming to Toronto " story and they wrote me back and had they added a correction box about that story the very next day.


However , many letters are more effective , and I think , some of the people who wrote the SUN from here , got some results.WELL DONE. :thup:

82% CFL and 18% NFL

the more the poll is in favour of the CFL the better we can shove it in the face of the Toronto Sun!

RIGHT ON , see my new thread about STEVE SIMMONS of The SUN who writes that he wants a NFL team in Toronto. The poll is also right beside his article ,

" T.O. No Closer To Landing NFL Team " :wink: :lol: :thup:

the toronto sun poll, of the same question, is alot closer:

I just voted on both, the Toronto Sun version is running 52-48 for the No Funners.

but this is reflective of the difference between toronto and the rest of the country…

a toronto only poll is almost 50-50…but a poll involving everyone else is a landslide win for the CFL

Also, the Toronto Sun (in terms of subscriptions) is a distant third in the city behind the Toronto Star and the Globe & Mail.

Where do the other Sun papers rank in their cities?

.....the Sun is second in Calgary behind the Herald.......I think you would find this holds true for most western Canadian cities...

You still havent answered my question Argo bills
Why do you keep comming here?

You prefer the NFL?
Why does an person who prefers the NFL hang out in the CFL forum?
On reason I can think of is because he is a

The NFL also lost the same TORONTO STAR POLL :thup:

lets put it this way. the cfl is the best summertime football league. :cowboy:

While the CFL has had a run of stinkers many NFL games were decided by last second touchdowns in recent memory? only asking becuase I dont watch the NFL..

Cal/Edm was classic CFL at its best.. and we witnessed at least 2 such finnishes with only half the season completed

79% CFL
21% NFL

I voted for CFL.

2 out of 3 CFL games were high scoring thrillers this week end.

And just look at the race for 1st in both the EAST and WEST with 5 games left? :thup:

The NFL had a , 6 to 9 , game and several one sided blow out games to start their season. :thup:

FRIDAY , SEPT. , 22nd , 2006 , update :

2992 votes are in so far :thup:

NFL 18%

CFL 82% :thup:

And the recent CFL T.V. ratings numbers also support this poll , as well :thup: