Skydome Smoking Policy

While at the game on Saturday I was shocked to discover this policy.
No smoking -'s provincial legislation
No re-admittance - f'ing unbelievable

Telling smokers that after drinking a few overpriced beers they can't smoke in the stadium is fine, but telling them they have absolutely nowhere to go outside, have a puff, and come back in is insane!

All this does is promotes finding a place to smoke indoors, which I noticed dozens of people doing.
Is there no suitable place to permit ticket-holders to leave the stadium, smoke, and then re-enter?

Aside from the ultra-expensive 'chos with cold cheese...and AWFUL traffic congestion after the game...this was my biggest game-day disappointment. Oh wait...the play of my Tigercats was my biggest disappointment, but I expected that. I never expected a stadium would have such stupid policies seemingly encouraging people to break at least one of them.

toronto stadiums are garbage, acc, bmo, skydoem have horrible prices, horrible food, overrated facilities, and too much traffic, thats why i stay at sports bars.

Doesn't really explain or excuse their stoopid policy.
People are going to smoke, that's a fact. So stadiums have a choice...turn a blind eye to people doing it within the stadium OR provide a place for smokers to go outside and smoke.
Smokers have been quite understanding during all of these bans on smoking in buildings. Rain or shine they will take one for the team and usually go outside. To not provide a location for this is a big insult and basically an open invitation for smokers to find some corner of the stadium where they can smoke and probably not get caught.

I agree J 93 just like flying they should open the door and let you out side. :lol: :lol:

Or you could try to smoke under a plastic bag. Make sure it is clear so you can watch the game. :lol: :lol: :lol:

This response is brutal...even for you. These two Skydome policies do nothing but guarantee there will be smoking inside the stadium...and there was PLENTY of that going on.
I know at Ivor Wynne they have an area designated for this...I guess that wouldn't be as easy at Skydome..but it could still be done.
I never would have imagined the day would come when an open-air stadium is considered inside. I mean...the Skydome could even say the last 3 rows of Level 500 are the smoking area when the roof is open.
It'd be entertaining for the other people to watch all the smokers try to ascend all those stairs!

Maybe because after you have a smoke and go back inside and sit beside someone who doesnt smoke, you smell of ass. Its like my co worker when we drive out of town for a job, I wont let him stop for a smoke break unless we are stopping for lunch or something, otherwise he smokes, jumps in my vehicle and smells for the next 20 minutes like ass.

This may be their thinking.

As far as finding places in the stadium to smoke that just shows how inconsiderate a good number of smokers are with where they smoke and littering their butts all over the place. Ive known a lot of smokers who have the attitude that they have some sort of entitlement and can do as they please regarding smoking so I have no sympathy for you. Not saying you are like that but the majority has ruined it in my eyes for the considerate smokers....maybe get pissed at them instead.

I think he's like that...he's from hamilton. lol