Skydome ever a sellout ???

For a regular season game, did the Argo's ever sell out the skydome?

I'm 95% sure they haven't. But I could be wrong.

They have, but way back in the early 90s. Back when John Candy and Wayne Greztky were the owners of the Argos!

No they did not. The average that year I believe was 37,000 but not close to a sellout.

Yes for a nfl ex game, sad. BUT the Argos are building a solid core o fans and with some possitive media spin could sell out again :wink:

Next year, there should be one.

That wasn't a real sell out, half of the tickets we're given away

The only true sellout was the 89 Grey Cup (54 000)which Saskatchewan beat Hamilton. Many feel as the best ever cup game. Tony Champion’s catch was amazing.

The LOW scoring NFL exibition game was nowhere near a sellout until the game fast approached and it would look terrible if the stadium was half empty, especially when it was on US TV. Tagliabue, I believe has never been a fan of T.O. since.

The Argos however have never sold out, although have come close. The 91 season opener was over 40k as was the 2005 playoff. The 1991 playoff came came in at almost 52 000 which is only a few hundred of a sell out depending on what seats they open or close due to the baseball/football configuration.

While selling more than 30k on numerous occasions, I believe they need a stadium that size as they could sell out every game and then somehow seen as a success!

As a side note, they Jays sold out quite a few times in their World Series bandwagon jumping runs in 92/93. Anyone watch baseball anymore?


Averaging close to 30,000 @ home thus far. I'd say there are far more Baseball fans in Toronto than there are CFL fans.

For some reason TO people will not jump on the band wagon,like they think it is beneath them to go to a CFL game. It is to bad ,since our game is so much more exciting to watch.If TO had a NFL team and it sucked big time,do you think they can still but bums in the seats then.

If Hamilton ever gets their act together, we will sell out the dome. I remember the first game of the '96 season, we had Flutie and the Cats had Dunigan, I think the attendance was close to 40,000, there was a huge walk-up from Hamilton.

Argos Average Attendance: 29,677

of Argo home games: 9

Average total season attendance: 267,093

Jays Average Attendance: 28,422

of Jays home games: 81

Average total season attendance: 2,302,182

(2006 statistics)

Yup...definitely more MLB fans than CFL fans. I guess people do still watch baseball. The Jays were actually right in the middle of the league for attendance last season. 3 MLB teams averaged crowds small enough to fit in a typical NHL arena. Can't say I blame fans...they play like 600 games in a season!
The Argos should be able to sellout a couple times a year. It's the largest city in the country (by quite a bit), meanwhile Edmonton averaged about 42,000 twice in the past 4 years. You'd think if Edmonton can do that...a market the size of Toronto could EASILY sell 53,000 tickets once or twice a year.

No because 95% of the people in toronto could give 2 shit about the argo

Go cats argo suck!

But the other 5% bleed double blue.


SkyDome CFL attendance records

Regular season game 44,921 Aug 26, 1992 [vs Ottawa]
Playoffs 50,386 Nov 17, 1991 [vs Winnipeg]
Grey Cup 54,088 Nov 26, 1989

Listed capacity has changed over the years [here is a sample].
1989 53,595
1994 50,377
1999 52,595 [regular season 31,600]
2005 49,020
2007 44,700

Even when they tried high profile marquee imports (Andre Rison, Ricky Williams) etc. I don't even think numbers were all that great when Flutie was there. It was a trendy thing in the late 80's-early 90's just like the Jays and now you have some die-hards but for the most part people in Toronto think they are too good for the CFL.

They should play at a smaller more intimate venue. Things were better at Exhibition Statium. The dome is too cavernous for the CFL. Same thing at BC Place. Football should be played outdoors on grass.. PERIOD