Skycam at CFL games ...and mishaps?

Can't remember if you guys got this since your field is wider and longer. Any of you try to grab the guide wires (if possible)? If so did your hands get ripped up?

Know of any fans who tried to throw something at it just for a full beer?

The CFL has had this fora while. No issues that I know of. Love this innovation that the XFL brought. About the only thing they did.
I would love to see if drones would work for this type of coverage.

Wouldn't drones be too dangerous over a stadium full of people?

TSN does use drones, but they do not fly over the stadium. I saw them used at at least two games at McMahon last year (I know it was TSN, because when I watched the game again on the PVR, I recognized the shots that the drone would have been taking).

The way I fly them it would be very dangerous.

During the 2016 Grey Cup I was up with the media folks and ended up chatting with the Skycam crew who were set up there. The controls are super cool; two joysticks from what I remember for steering the cam, and more controls for the camera. Crazy expensive to operate though.

They used it for Hamilton and Toronto regular season games last year . Any way to reduce costs to use it for the rest of the 7 on a regular basis . It improves the quality of the production and it enhances the on field images for the viewer at home noticeably.

...this is your mind

Any of you try to grab the guide wires (if possible)? If so did your hands get ripped up?
...this is your mind on drugs

...seriously, that's a question that needs to be asked?

That's a good question (which has been probably already been asked by the person in charge of this stuff, but now I'm curious). I also wish I could see that view permanently as player positioning and lateral movement is super interesting from a strategy angle.


...last November the NFL used Skycam almost exclusively during a Thursday Night wasn't well received...

I could get used to that. Doesn't bother me at all.