SKIN OF OUR TEETH....thanx Jyles

.....Bombers look like they're unprepared but finally they caught a break....This D is still top notch the offence needs a lot of work....Simpson and Matthews look promising but otherwise we look disjointed on offence...We'll take the win BUT with a caveat.....Esks. had a lot of talent on the sidelines but Jyles came through for us.....Finally in the win column :thup:

Thought it was a pretty good game. Entertainment to the max and WOW, great crowd. Nothing even comes close to games played in Winn and Sask for amazing atmosphere and just that much more entertainment throughout the game with all the noise and fan shenanagans. Great job Winnipeg fans. Oh, and thanks for the vic. Gives us Western teams some breathing room for 1st.

The offense put up 402 total yards,brink was 26/38. credit is due where its due, this team played very well tonight, the entire team. defense stepped up, as did the Offense.

Good stats and credit is deserved to Winnipeg...great hits by both teams too.

....The defence won this game as usual ...including the the strip at the end....Brink and the offence were sputtering in the first half...With a decent o line this game shouldn't have been close...Horrendous errors especially on the blocked punt...With the wind factor, what the hell was with the punt recovery by Dales...This club looks unprepared sometimes and those little lapses in the CFL can cost you BIG time...We need to be sharper and more wins will come... :wink:

Very strange game, neither team could really grab any momentum and when they did, a penalty, drop or turnover would snuff it.

The backend of the Bomber defence is very very thin, they need Stewart, Suber and Logan back asap.

papa - they put up 400+ yards yesterday. Give Brink some credit, especially after you slagged him!

It was good to see Hefney flying around again, and getting the fans pumped up. The D stepped up against "the self proclaimed best D in the League". We should have had at least 4 more sacks, including that terrible call at the1 yard line.
Will only get better when healthy bodies get back.

....Well I said I wanted Brink to make me eat my words....He did that partially HOWEVER his first half play was far from stellar...If you think you're going to beat good teams with that type of play...sorry, don't agree...The esks. were well on their way to win that game last night AND if it were not for the D and a strip that could/would have been the outcome...Brink has to play a complete game ... We're not always going to have a hail-mary work for us and only showing-up for a half of football.....I think Brink can play a more complete game...we'll see how he does against Mont....I'll give him full marks for a solid second half...Keep er going Alex :thup:

Winnipeg is missing a lot of players due to injury and Brink is only in his second game as the starter. Lulay wasn't great in the 1.5 years of being BC's starter. Patience. :wink:

...I hope you'll have that same consideration when they put McPherson in for AC. ...EVENTUALLY :wink:

I dont understand the logic with certain individuals on these sites. All previous 4 weeks, people were saying, edmonton has the best D in the league, and they have been the best, Brink goes 26/38 with atleast 4 or 5 drops and people dont think the offense did well? 402 yards against the eskimos? i mean. saying the d won the game is big time bs, the d almost lost the game actually. Fact is, brink played well, 2 interceptions? ok sure, whatever but were those really his fault? both times he got pressured from the edge, like people said for 4 weeks, edmonton has a good D.

The other thing that annoys me somewhat is, whenever we beat a team, people will say, yeah well wait till we play one of the real contenders.. people said that last year too, how come when we win people cant just admit that we played better.. i mean why is it always so.. he was ok, he didnt do much, he was just ok.. 26/38 with 4 or 5 drops isnt just ok, its fantastic, you count that pass to denmark, brink has well over 300 yards passing..AGAINST THE BEST D IN THE LEAGUE...

i mean, i suppose this is a blue bomber "fan" site, what i dont get i guess, is how can some consider themselves "fans" when all they do is look for the bad?

Brink deserves credit, people crapped on him last week, this week he goes out and if not for 4 or 5 drops would have only missed like 4 or 5 passes all night.. i mean, he sucks when he goes 9 of 34, but hes just ok when he goes 26/38 against the best d in the league with several drops by receivers. LIKE, sometimes, its best to just not look to far into things and give the guy that some people were wanting gone from the team last week some much deserved props. The D won the game? No they didnt, the team won the game, when your offense puts up 400 +++ yards and the most points all season against the best D in the league, man, i dunno what more people expect.

...look killer....everyone is entitled to their opinion...including you...But don't knock others cuz they see things differently...We won by 1 point...If you feel comfortable and okay with that, good on you...I have to be convinced we've turned the cornor and are playing solid football....A good test will be against Mont....We'll see :wink:

I have to agree with Killer here. The O gets just as much credit as the D for the win in my books. The D hardly won this game. They had costly blown coverages, and gave up the yardage on the last drive before saving their bacon.
Brink played a good game, undeniable. He is only going to get better.

Self proclaimed means they called themselves the best defense in the league before anyone else. I don’t recall that happening. I recall others outside of Edmonton saying the Eskimos had the best defense in the league first. And for the record, that defense is very good, and probably the best in the league right now. When other teams are giving up 30-plus per week and one team gave up their season high of 23, I’d say that’s a contender, if not the undisputed leader, for being named the best defense in the league.

Very good definition of self proclaimed. It just so happens that I am also aware of the definition. Just because you don't recall it happening doesn't mean it did not. Before the Esk matchup with BC, Ted Laurent was the one who said it (obvious timing playing BC).
And yes, the league's worst ofence puts up their best game against the "self proclaimed" best D, and the D stepped up (They had the most pressure of any game, laid some good licks, got a little swagger back & had fun), so why the quote?