Skill vs Situation

Training Camps are short and there are only two preseason games. Other than players that are virtually guaranteed spots (i.e. most the starting QB's, guys like Geroy Simon, Milt Stegall, etc.) how often does the situation prevent an extremely skilled player from making the roster?

You see a guy like Dorsey traded from SK to Wpg, then dumped by Wpg only to star with Toronto. How often do guys like that fall through the cracks or get dumped by one team because of the situation only to star with another team?

I doubt there are any firm stats out there but I thought it may be an interesting discussion.

What players can you think of this happening with?

Also some players can excel in certain schemes and fail in others. Omar Morgan and Daven Bush are examples. They excelled in Richie Halls defense, yet sputtered last year with Edmonton and Winnipeg respectively. I think Omar will return to greatness back with Riders.

I am sure there are a lot of examples of people falling through the cracks. I just don't have any specific ones.

It happens all the time. That's why the whole argument that the NFL has superior players is largely irrelevant. Every year large numbers of high quality players fall through the cracks and many show up on CFL rosters.

The legacy of football is that many great players never have much success and that many average players do. It's a vast combination of variables, and a good measure of luck, that determines how a player's career turns out.

...I think it happens a lot...and the short training camp window is the reason....

Ian Smart comes to mind, as an Als fan.

...Lord Mountbatten...

Just so we don't muck up the Permanent Record, Davin Bush wasn't great as a Rider either.

he was a lot better than he was in peg city

Haha. Fair enough