Skeeterville @ TiCats

In the absence yet again of BYF's informative GDT I will once again start it off..

We know Who, What, Where and When

Hopefully the end result is better this week. The Cats need to win this game.

I hope we swat those skeeters big time!!

Weather is in check this time it's going too be a great day for football!

Go Cats Go!!

Thanks HTD,

Lets get one for Mr. Young today, he deserves it more than anyone!

KO coming up :rockin:

Kick off is imminent

Here's to a great game by the hometown Tabbies!

Which thread do we want to use, this one or the one I started?
We can just pick one

Ugh... Rod Black calling the game.. ohhh brother :roll:

Limar returns the KO to the 38 to where our offense starts lets go!

Yeah no kidding.....

"just 6 days ago the Ticats played at alumni swimming pool'"


Burris dives close for a 1st down

How many times does he remind us tonight.. Bartel is an Aussie

TD GIGGGGYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice over the shoulder catch by Giguere...

TD 'Cats!!!!

Sammy G.

I suggest this one. I already posted a comment on the other one to come here. (Wish someone had done that last week. Felt very lonely. :frowning: )

Is that what we've been waiting for from Giguere? You bet.



61 yard yard pass to Giguere!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7-0 after after the 1 pt Congi great start!!!

Nice adjustment to the ball too.

Now let's see if our patented swiss cheese defence can actually stop someone....

What we've been waiting for from #11....

Yes it was....

That was a lot tougher than it looked...

Miracles do happen, our Run D though, yikes...... :roll: