Skeeters at TwoColours GT, Fri. August 4, 7 pm et

Friday Night Football
Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Ottawa Redblacks
Tonight at 7PM ET / 4PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5, TSN 4K

Obviously, this is a key game for both teams, particularly for the Grey Cup champs as they try to get some momentum after a slow start. Ought to be an interesting start to tonight's CFL doubleheader. Hope to see you here!

Oski Wee Wee,


Let's get this started! :slight_smile:

Big drive for Ottawa as they stake an 8-0 lead, first quarter.

Nichols to Langford strike back on an up and go! The two-pointer is no good, so it's 8-6 for Ottawa.

After a Bomber kickoff single, Ottawa replies with a FG. 11-7 Ottawa now, first quarter.

Medlock FG makes it 11-10...Ottawa leads after one quarter.

Powell with a big fumble, recovered by Randle of Peg…TD return makes it 17-11 Skeeters.

How did they not call Rose for DPI on the original call??? Ran the receiver right over!

17-12 Peg at the half.

Powell with a big run for the Ottawa TD -- 20-17 RBs, third quarter.

Huge turnover on downs after a botched snap on a 3rd down by Ottawa -- 23-20 Ottawa, late third quarter.

23-23, early fourth quarter after Medlock ties it.

Got back from a trip. Posted on other threads but forgot to open this one.
This game looks like it has OT potential!

Harris to Ellingson for a huge TD…30-23 with a little more than five minutes left in regulation.

Going to switch over to the Cat-Esk game.

Ellingson WIDE open. Coverage breakdown gives the TwoColours the lead. Can the Azure Ballistic Ordinance Droppers come back in the rain?

How you gonna' switch, Russ... my cable has them on the same channels?

Fascinating watching a game in which both sides appear to have a running attack.

30-27 Ottawa now, 2:41 left. Medlock adds a FG and kickoff single to inch it closer.

It's a tie game.

33-30 Winnipeg wins with the Medlock FG!