Skeeters at Tigris Regalis GT, Sat. Aug. 11, 7:30 pm et

Appeared to get both hands on it. But that was quite a leap to get to it.

Is it too early to say I'm not seeing any immediate improvement from the D.

Hi all.from the game!


Maybe. Holding them to FGs is better than we've seen in the past.

Okay, it's a positive. Now let's get the offense going.

They still seem to be laying way off the receivers. Maybe that will change later, but making the receivers a bigger target for now. No need to thread the needle.

Poor red-zone work by the bummers only thing keeping timid Hamilton team in the game.
Expect the Medlockian drama to continue!

Rod Black hits a new level in obnoxiousity - once a guy makes a play, any play, Rod goes to his tired old notes and recites the guys background, complete with alma mater!


If Two-Ton Teddy Laurent out of game (as it appears) big blow to Hamilton D - they'll still get some sacks because Winnipeg scheming can sometimes break down at the touch of a hat.

Winnipeg's red-zone offense needs work - but that's the Captain Obvious winning statement of the week . . . . . a signature of O'Shea teams!

Offence needs to stop being offensive and get their heads out of their asses!

This is BS

Did the offense get off the bus yet? Asking for a friend.

What a surprise. Winnipeg player runs into a Ticat defender and guess who gets penalized.

Okay... with a minute to go in the FIRST the fans in my section were booing the Cats. Ouch....

Shows the calibre or fan we have.

Rod Black being muted in 3,2,1

OMG, the guy is obnoxious!

Weird vibe at the field tonite.

In the past, I've seen you constantly call for the backup QB, the third stringer, or even the fourth stringer. But I think this is a first for you, calling for a neg list QB.

The D has held us in...strange to say. Now the offense does something