Skeeters at Gang Green GT, July 1, 9 pm et, TSN

Winnipeg at Saskatchewan
July 1
9:00 pm et

Hi folks! A historic game is on as the Riders open the new Mosaic against their historic rival. Banjos in a spaceship! :wink:

Midway in the first quarter...still scoreless.

Hi Russ
Looks like quite the barn - but there is no guarantee that the Riders will play any better :smiley: - although they did just manage a FG. No first TD at the new digs for Bakari Grant!

Crapigna nails a FG from 48 yards to open the scoring...3-0 Riders.

Hi Tabbie -- it's a beaut!

And the Ticats get to check it out in person next week. So far it doesn't sound louder than the old Mosaic.

Happy Canada Day! Hope it's been a good one!

Been watching a lot of baseball today -- glad football will cap this couch ride. LOL

I am not sure that the new Mosaic is as much engineered for sound explosion as Winnipeg's digs, But Nichols serves up a juicy turnover and the folks go wild. That and Carter snags a long one.

Glenn with a TD strike -- 10-0 with the conversion.

Holley with the TD catch after the interception. Greenies up 10-0. I did pick them to win -better they get it over with this week! :smiley:

10-0 Saskatchewan after one quarter. Winnipeg needs the smelling salts.

I actually heard that it's supposed to be louder than the old stadium and the partial roof could help keep the sound bouncing around.

No couch surfing here - been out at local celebrations much of the day on our waterfront. This is all the couch surfing I'm doing - glad it's football! :smiley:

113 yds to 10 yds says it all!! :oops:

And then Glenn tosses one of his "timely" inteceptions!! :wink:

Glenn with the armpunt into double coverage. Winnipeg now in Rider territory.

it is like the house rule one tacks onto a Rod Black Drinking Game Session. Drink one.

O'Shea is a little slow on the challenge flag tossing. LOL

Osh does have a point on the illegal contact. Otherwise they'll be relying on the boot of Medlock to get them on the board. I guess one can cut the 'Peggers some slack as this is their first game.

illegal contact gives the Bombers a first down.

Nichols with a big miss deep to Dressler! Ugh...

Medlock nails a chip shot -- 10-3 Riders now.