SK CGY have clinched a playoff spots

With WPG. and HAM. losing today , SK and CGY can do no worse than crossing over to play in the East semi .

uh, NO..

they can still finish below Ham and Wpg

the fewest points they can earn is 17

Winnipeg and Ham can still earn 18

they haven't clinched yet..

Pay attention ! Hamilton and Winnipeg play the last game of the year against each other. So only one team can win 3 games to pass SK or CGY.

they could tie.. just like Calgary vs Saskatchewan..

I will let you put money on that outcome.

the way it works is that they have to have more points than any team that could possibly miss the playoffs… that includes Edmonton Hamilton and Winnipeg.

doesn’t matter that neither team will win all 3. the fact is that they both have a chance at this point.

If the Bombers and Cats end up in a tie for 2nd place with the 4th place team in the west haveing a better record than they have is there a crossover?

Yes there would be a crossover, who ever loses the tiebreaker between WPG ang Ham would be deemed the 3rd place club, would miss. It won't happen as Ham and WPG play each other the last game of the year. Hamilton has the easier schedule and it might not even come down to the final game between the teams. WPG has MTL. at MTL. HAM. Ticats have at TOR. SK. WPG.

I have to give props to the league for creating the competitive environment necessary to have so many meaningful games this late in the season.

Be it parity from the salary cap, the cross-over or the luck of the draw we have 6 teams still jockeying for position with only 3 weeks to go.

I think he means, is there a crossover to second place in the east? No, only one team can crossover, even if the 3rd place team in the West is better than the 2nd place team in the East.

There is only one team that can cross over ? The 3rd place team in the west would play in the west division play offs :roll:

Given the East-West "gap" in strength, the 3rd place team in the West should be able to choose if it wants to cross over or not, and the 4th place team place wherever the 3rd place team doesn't. Yeah, you gotta go to the Big Oh in Montreal, but a one-game shot against a Montreal team that hasn't played a meaningful game since the end of September isn't a bad option, considering the alternative is running a gauntlet of two road games in BC, Calgary or Sask. (Sorry, Eskie fans, I don't think a home game is in the cards this year).