SK all out of luck.....

Sending the CFL's 2007 top player to T.O. doesn't look like such a good idea now does it Eric??? There is a reason your present #1??? QB was shown the door by both Edmonton and Calgary. SK has run out of horseshoes. No lucky bounces or tip balls to help them out last night.

If you don't know anything about football, don't make ludichrist statements. No team can win 6 games in a row with just horseshoes. And for that matter Joseph is having a great year isn't he. Go annouy your sister and come back when your subjective.

[quote="redstallion"]If you donYour right... I forgot the odd bit of ref luck also to kick an important player, who got pushed into a ref, out of the Calgary game. I know lots about football thank you very much. But you go ahead and stick with M.C. for the rest of the season and see where you end up. He is a heck of a nice guy, but no # 1 QB..... Yes Joseph isn't having a great year in T.O. but you and I both know he would have done a heck of lot better than M.C. if he was SK's QB last night. :slight_smile:

I can only agree with you that Crandell, even though their were 6 dropped passes played very poorly(not so good, terrible, etc.) :smiley:

Theres only 2 reasons SK won 6 straight.

1- Wes Cates
2- A whole lot of pixie dust

Luck, smuck. Teams that work hard create their own luck and chances.

It sounds like sour grapes to me, the Riders played hard to the end in their 6 wins, and you can justify it in your head by calling it luck but you don't luck out 6 wins in this league.

That dust must have cost the stamps their 1st loss to the riders, right. I think not. It did however just about cost the stamps a loss in Regina. Five more minutes and the riders would have pulled that one out of the fire. Momenton swing was hudge. Only reason everything is Cates is because everybody else on offense is out.

Fixed it for ya :wink:

smells like trolls in here...

Take a look at the Riders injury list and then come talk to me about being lucky.

To be honest, I’d give you back a win now if you could give me Chick, Fantuz, Flick, MD and Durant back at 100%.

Wes maybe? what ever the hell pixie dust is??? = lucky farts?????????? whatever I think they won on pure addrenilene! I've won on A high before ! it doesnt make you fake! everyone is human! of course those who cant match you wait 4 a slip and bash! bash! bash! no worries they can't defeat you so they wait for you to lose then take sum kinda false credit for it! been there done that! your smart enough to see beyond that! keep rubbing your huffs butt maybe you'll win! reality says choke! (past results talkin here)

You can also LOSE "six in a row", no?

Take a look at game 3 Riders vs Lions last year and you will maybe rethink that. Everyone has a stretch of poor play. No guarantee any QB would have done better.

Riders weren't going to repeat anyway. They got the bounces in 3 of those six wins. They are a hard working .500 football team.

I would much rather have a hard working .500 football team, than a team that can only win once in 6 games... the Cats already have win 2 so the law of averages says they wont win until the last third of the season. Unless they manage to beat the Argos again, the only team they have beaten so far this season, twice.

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAA... Wow, take out all the defensiveness on the Ti-Cats. Wow, considering that given the breaks that the Riders got, and if the Cats got them the Cats would be higher in the standings then the Riders.

P.S. How is the dynasty going, in an eight team league, for making the playoffs a couple years in a row?

...better than it's going for those teams that haven't made the playoffs for a couple years.

The Riders have worked and played hard enough to create those breaks... being a Cats fan, its tough to fathom a hard working team creating its own breaks. Have fun watching the playoffs from your TV set again this fall...

True, True. I’m sorry but living in Sask, and being a Cats fan, it was always fun to beak Rider fans for not winning a cup, but when they won it last year I figured I couldn’t say anything anymore. But Lo and behold at the news at 11:30 they had a guy saying they were in a dynasty. Man that made me feel better knowing I could bring something like that up whenever the Rider fans got a lil’ bit to confident.

I will give your team credit for being hard-working, but a lot of the breaks I don't give them credit for and they most definitely did not earn getting Jojuan Armour getting kicked out. In the early part of the season they were also getting calls against the other teams to sustain drives.

Only now with injuries are the games starting to even out, Have fun watching another 2-6 team work you over on Labor Day...