SJ stays !

According to Herb. SJ and Popp have had happy Communion ! Never been this happy to be wrong :rockin:

Well, if true, that is indeed good news! I hope he is happier, because he sure didn’t look happy last season, and plays to form as we know he can.

Green and Stamp.... Hmmm :slight_smile:

And Popp has discovered that Green was conceived while his parents were vacationing in Canada, and he will now be classified as a National!

No Bazinga ! for you on this one


Si Green reste, ce sera une foutue bonne nouvelle.

Green, Stamps et London constitueraient une bonne base pour diversifier le jeu aérien. Et le retour de Green permettrait à l'équipe de moins courir après des vétérans et de chercher à développer ses receveurs.

Avec Green et London, on a deux gars pour faire les jeux en hauteur. Avec Stamps, Gilyard et Rodgers, on a trois gars pour faire les jeux en vitesse. Je pense que si Giguère se joignait à l'équipe, il serait une bon complément à ces gars.

Not sure what's going on with Herb :? :lol:

Herb Zurkowsky @HerbZurkowsky1 · 3m 3 minutes ago I just saw S.J Green in a private room at this hotel, moments before #Als news conference. I believe I wasn't supposed to be there.

Looks happy

Great, great news! Have to admit I had given up hope.

Me too... Means the "oracle" moniker goes back to Richard :? :stuck_out_tongue:

Chapeau à Richard!

Chapeau à Green d'avoir laissé ses options ouvertes!

Chapeau à Popp d'avoir gardé Green à Montréal!

Reste maintenant les cas de Brown et Tisdale, et ce serait pas mal réglé.

WOW. This makes my Wednesday! I had given up hope. Now, suddenly, our receiving corps is looking a whole lot stronger:

Boundary WR: London
Boundary SB: Green
Field SB: Stamps
Field WR: Johnson (sigh), Gilyard

I don't think it's coincidence that S.J. re-signed shortly after Schonert was formally announced as our new OC. Schonert really seemed to connect with Green after he came in, help him get untracked.

You and me both; a happy day for all of us Als' fans !!!

Thought Green was going to see what offers were there in the open market. Wonder if maybe the numbers hinted at by other teams were not much better than what the Als' were offering.

C'est passablement mon impression aussi. Comme Schonert a entraîné les receveurs, il a certainement pu développer une certaine relation avec Green, et Green en a probablement assez vu sur le personnage pour voir en lui un coordonnateur plus crédible que Dinwiddie.

L'embauche de Fred Stamps a peut-être contribué aussi. Avec Stamps sur le terrain, les autres équipes ne pourront pas le mettre en double couverture aussi souvent.

Yes sir things are looking good for 2015...

That or could be seeing Emry get moved a year after he setup his family in Toronto... Or seeing that Jamel assuming he passes his physical will make the same thing this year that he turned down last year to rehab. If the Als were not holding his drop in production last year against him and the coaching circus is over, combination of all the above ? There is no smart reason for him to leave.

I was critical and thought he was gone.

I too am glad to be wrong!

And Richard, looks like you were right in that Green would stay. :thup: