SJ Green Traded to Toronto

For me it isn't anguish. Just that he got nothing in return. Considering that. I'd have rather he traded him out west or release him outright.

As far as doing a good job, we have to wait and see the final 46 +10 roster. How much more talent is he going to dump to pay for his shopping spree is unknown at this time.

Besides this deal the Simmons deal was also terrible. Basically Kavis has helped fill every hole the Ticats and Argos have... We will see how all of this works out over the season.

I think Reed chose the respectful high road for a veteran like Green. He traded him to the team of his choice. I don't think he would have garnered much elsewhere. Buono has always done this in BC ...actually releasing respected veterans to make their own preferred choices. Dickensen, Clermont, many others.... Green with all he's done in Montreal deserves some say I think.

Well said HfxTC. The proof whether Kavis's moves have improved the Als will be the on field product as well as the record.
To say it has improved the team before they even played a down, putting the cart before the horse I would say.

That's my take. Anyone can sign free agents and make trades, especially with nothing or older players coming the other way. Right now the only place I see an improvement is at the QB and LT position (assuming Jovan was brought in to play LT)

Simmons isn't an improvement over Perret
Jackson and Bailey are not improvements over Green and Carter.

So we've softened up the Dline to improve the Offense and right now I'm not convinced there is enough there to make a marked difference.

Passing a physical means the injury has healed, or healed sufficiently to satisfy the new team; it is no guarantee of whether the player will be able to perform on the field. Just as healthy players lose a step or have reactions slowed as they get older, there is no guarantee that the healed flesh will be able to perform as it did pre-injury.

Has there been confirmation of this? It was widely speculated but has a reliable source said they know that the Als actually planned to do this?

Did anyone out west want a still reasonably highly paid receiver (even post bonus) coming off a triple ligament tear?
A release would have done nothing to keep him away from Toronto, and deprived the Als of a late round "spin of the draft wheel".

And, more importantly IMO, how they do in the first 4-5 games.

Perret is no loss (IMO), and Simmons was picked up well before they knew they could get Jovan.

Green/Carter basically count as one receiver (Green 2015, Carter part of 2016), Jackson is IMO an upgrade over Carter (even if he may not be as athletically gifted) and what is reasonable to expect from Green.

For the OT positions, I will be curious to see if one of the other non-imports have any starting potential if Brian Simmons is unable to get the job done.

As the roster is currently constructed, I would guess that without S.J. Green, B.J. Cunningham continues at SB with Nik Lewis coming in on obvious passing situations. In the WR spot Duron Carter occupied last year, that would seemingly either go to Tiquan Underwood or a rookie.

Jackson played Slot last year, that's where he's had the most success, I'd leave him there. Lewis owns the other spot. Four receiver sets right now appear to be Lewis, Jackson, Cunningham,Giguere. With one of Bailey or Rookies coming in on five receiver sets depending how many Canadians we start.

Looking at historical production of our receivers, if you use their top projected numbers and Durant's 4500 avg. We are going to need a big year from BJ. 1200 yards or so for this offense to be successful.

Time will tell about Perrett. He took the hit for an entire OL that stunk.
Playing under Trestman vs Popp think he may me a different player.

I don't think there was any reason to dump Perrett. Yes there was a problem at LT probably due to inexperience. I still think Ruby has a bright future but I'm glad we didn't scapegoat the Oline in 2007... It would have been so much easier to build a roster with four Canadian offensive linesmen than three. Now we have to force a Canadian at LB to make this work...

Je crois que ceci va rattraper l'équipe en cours de saison. Le bon côté des choses est qu'il y a présentement des joueurs qui peuvent permettre de faire basculer ce ratio de la ligne offensive. Ce n'est pas comme s'il fallait les recruter.

Some competition for S.J. with the Argos. Popp signing WR Dobson Collins. :roll:

Guess its just easier to sign players whose phone number you already know .... no need to bother directory assistance or waste data limits searching the Inter-webbie-thing

Espérons qu'ils vont le garder... :twisted:

The Argos better have some new faces show up at receiver or they are in trouble.

They also signed Khalil Paden from Ottawa who is a walking fumble machine.

Je me demande jusqu'à quel point la production étincelante de Green pourrait rapporter un bon rang de sélection au repêchage de 2018. ( peut-être un 2e ronde).

I wonder how far Green's sparkling production could bring back a good selection in the 2018 draft. (Maybe a second round)