SJ Green Traded to Toronto

SJ to the Arblows for a bag of hammers.

That is precisely what I fear. Oh well, the Fighting Irish are also in a great rebuild as well. Those are kids, so I don't get so mad when they lose. The Als? Who knows?


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From Didier Orméjuste:

The severity of Green's knee injury, his age, his salary and the Als responsibility towards the salary cap are all factors in the trade. The Alouettes acquired Durant, Jackson, Westerman, Shologan Simmons and Olafioye. They have to make some tough choices because of the $cap. TJ Graham and Tobias Palmer are two receivers who did well during the mini camp. The Alouettes appear to be high on both players.

Si on regarde l'alignement de toronto avec les GREEN, ALAN-M. CASH, WHITAKER, VENABLE et PERRETT en plus de JIM POPP et TRESTMAN on peut les appelés les ALOUETTES de TORONTO maintenant. LOL :rockin:

Well so far, the "genius" has been bamboozled twice by Eric Tillman, and once by Jim Popp. Not good... :thdn:

This is the second time in this football fans career when a star receiver was traded. The trade of the great Hal Patterson to the Tiger Cats in the sixties shook the Als fandom. Patterson was an elite receiver,like SJ, both all stars. Patterson was an idol to the fans back then and was given the name of Mr Wonderful. SJ was a receiver deluxe and both were all stars. I had been thinking that SJ commanded a huge salary $200 000 and he and the GM might not agree on another salary base= the trade. I had been thinking that SJ's salary at $200 000 was huge and,the team management might want a salary reduction- this has already happened with others.I believe the Als management put sound thought into this matter and, all likely agreed not to continue with SJ at his existing salary. The trade was not really a trade, SJ was a gift to the Argos who gave back a sixth pick in the upcoming draft.
It should be noted that the Alouettes gave SJ a bonus of $50 000 this Spring, Unlike other teams who dropped player bonus's before they cut their player staff, the Alouettes waited until after SJ received his $50 000 bonus before trading him. I do believe this was a well thought out decision by the management. Factors were age, injury, time needed for SJ's healing ( he will not likely start with the Argos until later in season), their analysis of the team budget, the play of rookies at the mini-camp etc . To management credit, sound thought went into this decision.Unlike other players SJ did receive his huge bonus first then, the team and SJ went their separate ways. The Alouettes were fair with this great player. SJ was"happy" with the reality of all this and, is looking forward to be working again with Trestman. He was a great receiver and, I wish him well.

From Herb Zurkowsky:

While (S.J.) Green’s rehabilitation has progressed nicely and his recovery’s on schedule — he has vowed to be ready for the start of training camp on May 28 — there’s much uncertainty as he moves forward, which is understandable.

He’s also scheduled to earn $250,000 this season and, once he passed his physical, would have been asked to restructure his contract. Indeed, Green admitted he was approached by Reed this month at mini-camp to take a pay cut, but the two couldn’t reach an agreement.

Once that scenario played out, a trade became the next most plausible option. The organization was transparent with Green throughout the process, so he wasn’t caught by surprise. If he were healthy, the return from Toronto would have been greater.

“I’ll be honest, I’m excited. I feel rejuvenated already and I wasn’t caught off-guard,? Green told the Montreal Gazette from his winter home in Tampa. “Kavis and I sat down last week. He gave me the lay of the land. He was courteous enough to allow me to have some input on my decision. We came to the conclusion the best decision was for me to be traded. He was kind enough to trade me … to a place I know I’ll feel comfortable.?

Green wouldn’t comment on whether the Argos will now or eventually restructure his contract, other than to admit he and Popp have spoken and he feels comfortable moving forward.

“It’s the business. Kavis has to run his business how he sees fit,? Green said. “Ultimately, I have to run the S.J. Green enterprise.?

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Classy move by the Als ultimately. If he wasn't going to be happy restructuring his contract you only have so many options. You just can't tie up $250, 000 on him.

And the mascot and the kitchen sink.

Beau parallèle. Mais je crois que les Alouettes se remettront plus facilement du départ de Green qu'ils ont subi celui de Prince Hal. Il y a Jackson qui est dans les rangs, Cunningham qui pourrait s'améliorer (les débuts de Cunningham me font penser à ceux d'Adarius Bowman, mais bon, il a pas mal de croûtes à manger pour devenir son égal, j'en conviens), Underwood qui peut tirer son épingle du jeu et quelques jeunes pour compléter la brigade. Ce que je retiens, c'est que les Alouettes ne se sont pas séparés de Green en sauvages. Une logique voulait qu'ils payent un receveur d'élite et non deux; ils ont choisi celui qui était en santé sur celui qui s'est sérieusement blessé.

Quand je regarde Popp rebâtir les Argonauts en les bourrant de vétérans, je ne peux que constater qu'il semble à court d'idées et de prospects. Nous verrons quels joueurs il pourra dénicher pour compléter son équipe, mais pour l'instant, les Argonauts jouent très gros en faisant reposer leurs succès sur Ray et Willy. Je vois très bien Ray performer dans le système de Trestman. Je vois moins l'indécis Willy y avoir du succès, lorsque Ray sera tombé au combat. Pour moi, Fajardo pourrait être plus à l'aise dans ce système. Reste à voir si les Argonauts pourront le faire progresser ou non. J'ai parfois l'impression que les progrès notables de Harris et Collaros étaient peut-être plus l'affaire de Milanovitch que de Brady.

et Tuck, et Brady...

That's ok because Barker had done a very, very good job drafting good young Canadians. Popp is walking into a very nice situation.

Patterson was coming of the 2nd best season of his career, not a massive knee injury.
SJ Green may tout his re-hab all he wants, every players says that when they are coming back from an injury. Jamaal Richardson blew out two ligaments when he was 32 and never was worth anything on the field again; SJ blew out 3 ligaments at 31. I hope the best for him, as he was a great player for the Als, but I think it is drinking the Kool Aid to assume he will return to past form.

Considering the return, had he been willing to postpone his bonus he deserved to have the opportunity to show he was capable of a return. We got nothing for him and we helped the team we'll be competing with to make the playoffs. This won't be pretty in November if Toronto punts us out of a playoff spot...

I really do not believe that any CFL player would" be willing to postpone"a $50 000 bonus" what ever his situation- they take it when they get it. Le Staff noted earlier the team was willing to pay for one elite receiver who was healthy over one who is not healthy. My hunch if that once a player moves in age over the thirties he will he will be able to continue for additional playing years, that is, if he remains healthy. But for these players an injury can be the starting point of the ending point. Jameel Richardson, for example did not resume his best playing potential after the suffering the same injury as SJ. This situation often does happen in contact sports. Eric LePointe excelled after being given the Als running back position but, was unable to resume this position after injury. Ditto Calvillo and ditto dozens of players in any contact sport. The older players years of play is determined by the status of their health. I can recall many posts last season predicting a season's end for SJ. I do hope SJ can retain his health and his elite status catching passes from Rick Ray, who is yet another veteran struggling with this situation.

[i]There is something about this trade Johnny does not understand. This is most likely within Richard's expertise.

If a player is traded, the receiving team gives that player a physical and medical examination. If the player has an injury or a long term ailment, the receiving team judges the player to not have passed his physical. The trade is then nullified and the player remains with his old team.

If Green passed his physical with the Argos, does that not suggest he was ready to play, as he states? (But the Als say he was not ready and wanted to put him on the 6 game injured list to start the season).

If the Alouettes' management is correct, and Green is not ready to play; why did he not fail his physical examination with the Argos? (and nullify the trade).

Johnny is scratching his head and asking WTF?

Could the conditional pick be conditional to SJ passing his physical?

A team can waive a Physical. There is nothing that forces a team to include that in a trade.

I'm not sure where the anguish is coming from.
Green is coming off a devastating knee injury and history is not on his side as far a recovering. Reportedly he would not redo his $250,000. You just can't pay that. Als signed Eastern MOP Jackson earlier as his replacement which they had to do. So it seems logical that Green has to go, if he won't redo contract.
And releasing Graves? two catches in 3 years? Because he is a holder and a distant back-up emergency punter? Granted Bailey is largely unproven but at least he's averaged 10-12 catches a year with EE where he had a tough time cracking the line-up. Guess we will see but I'm predicting that he'll be on the field a lot this year and gives the team a lot of flexibility. A big, tall, Canadian receiver with great upside. I think he'll push for a starting role.

On paper, virtually every move Reed has made has improved the Als. Popp is up to his old lazy ways of signing a non playoff teams cast offs.