SJ Green Traded to Toronto

The Montreal Alouettes announced on Thursday that the club has traded receiver S.J. Green to the Toronto Argonauts in exchange for the team’s sixth round pick in the 2017 CFL Canadian Draft, as well as a conditional pick in the 2018 draft.

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Wow, and for only a 6th round pick. Will have to digest this one.

I guess it will come down to how well he recovers from his injury. And I assume there would be no way to fit him into the salary cap if/when he did recover.

I`m sure he will be happy to be reunited with Trestman and vice versa.

Good luck SJ and thanks for your contributions to the team.

Green a été un receveur hors pair pour les Alouettes et son échange, pour moi, ne s'explique que pour des raisons de ratio. Les Alouettes en ont fait une figure de promotion tout au long de cet hiver, ce qui laissait supposer qu'il aurait sa chance pour revenir au sein de l'équipe.

Ceci m'incline à penser que, d'un, Cunningham fait partie des plans à plus long terme de l'équipe, et deux, qu'il y a des jeunes qui ont suffisamment impressionné Chapdelaine pour qu'il considère possible de se départir de Green.

Cet échange me rend un peu mélancolique, en ce que Green a toujours carburé pour le bien de l'équipe et est demeuré jusqu'à sa blessure un receveur exceptionnel. Je n'ai pas de difficulté à croire qu'il s'entendra bien avec Ray, mais doute encore de sa capacité à revenir à la compétition. Je lui souhaite et qu'il puisse encore ébahir les partisans.

Sad to see SJ go, and wish him all the best.

Whether or not the Als have the talent to replace him, this could very well be a salary cap fix for the Als.

You gotta believe that Popp and Trestman made this deal after some detailed medical evaluation of SJ's injured knee ... although they didn't give up much to acquire SJ. A 6th round draft pick? .... that's a low risk gamble if SJ isn't able to play at his previous level of performance.

Quite a "choc". Never expected that although, as I wrote today and before, the Als had to make move(s) in order to remain within the cap. S.J. is the first and main casualty. Others may be asked to take a salary reduction and if they refuse, they could be released or traded. A 6th round draft choice? A give away. Is S.J. 100%? Did he refuse to go on 6 game injured list in the beginning of season? Could be a factor.

The signing of Ernest Jackson was definitely a factor in this decision. As LeStaf wrote, they-Als- may have been impressed by some rookies.


Since S.J. has already received a bonus of at least $50,000 -February or March- the impact on the cap will be less for the Als and it won't be too much for the Argos. If S.J. is healthy, the Argos are the winners.


I suspect that this might have been the issue. The Als had said they had a plan for SJ. But he has been posting impressive workout videos, and might think he is ready to start the season. And there would not have been salary cap room.

I don't have a good feeling how things are being done this off-season. To be sure, every player has a "best by" date.

Not sure that is the case with SJ. At the very least, I would have liked to see equal or similar value for this trade.

Could his knee of gotten him back to superstar status maybe, did the Alouettes think so no. He refused a pay cut so we traded him. Hey at least we got something in return, releasing him would of gave us nothing. We cried when we cut Richardson and Whitaker will get over this one kids. The cfl is a dirty business

It would appear that Underwood and Anthrop (and some other rookies) will compete for the #4 international receiver spot behind E. Jackson, B.J. Cunningham and Nik Lewis.

Out went SJ and Duron Carter - it's a good question whether this receiving corps is better or not than where we were 2 season's ago.

For the Argos, let's remember that Milanovich released 4 Int. receivers in one shot last season - so Popp and Co. are in a rebuild mode at receiver. If SJ is healthy, it's a good move for them.

Excellentes observations.

Le contingent de receveurs demeurait tout de même à améliorer. La présence de Jackson comble avantageusement la perte de Green. Lewis et Giguère sont toujours présents. Cunningham pourrait éclore cette année, du moins, souhaitons le. Underwood semble toujours dans le giron de l'équipe, quoique je n'attende pas de miracles de sa part. Reste à savoir si des nouveaux un d'entre eux pourra s'illustrer suffisamment pour que l'équipe ait amélioré sa brigade malgré les départs de Green et Ducon.

What a fakin dingdong.

Can you digest rotten fish ?

This is not a trade. This is a dump and to a division rival for nothing in return. I have mixed feelings, seeing Andrew Wetenhall on the field at mini-camp biatching about ticket sales. was a double neener neener.

Anyway nothing we can do now but wait and see. If we have a genius running this team or a poser.

Maybe with a good bottle of white wine.

The remaining 3 rookie receivers - Anthrop, Graham, and Palmer are all 4.4 guys, which is sorely needed to complement our other receivers who are mainly possession receivers.

That is why I don`t think Green will be missed as much as Carter (the athlete).

This certainly will not sit well with fans. Us we see it as a salary dump etc we study the game we know the players etc...but the dude that bought sj greens jersey because he made a nice catch does not accept this. This won't help ticket sales fo sho!

They will need to win and put an exciting product on the field or the stands will be half empty....

Green and Reed could not come to an agreement on a restructured contract.

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Also mentions that Popp has signed Perrett.

Or the dude who simply liked what he brought on the field :wink: