SJ Green’s Granted Request for Release

Going to miss him.

sad argos dont re sign him … oye vey

best of luck to sj green !

Well, hopefully the team feels more compelled to re-sign Walker. We’ll need some hands for Nichols and MBT to throw to.

sad he isnt suiting up 4 argos in 2020

Some incompletions, no doubt. But hopefully lots of major scores again for the QB who led the league in passing TDs last year. :stuck_out_tongue:

I defiantly still see potential in MBT. I think last season the o-line in front of him was the biggest issue. Losing SJ Green though is unfortunate. Hopefully we can find a solid replacement.

sj gren will be missed

Well, unfortunately I don’t think we’ll be getting Mahomes anytime soon.

that 4 sure

Mods, please pull the plug on the incessant MBT nonsense like what happened on…please.

Agreed. I have no idea as to why Ivan constantly feels the need to derail every single thread he posts in. One track mind until he moves onto his next obsession, then rinse and repeat.

Brandon Bridge cough cough.

Enough! This thread is about S.J. Green. Your incessant bleating about McLeod Bethel-Thompson is beyond tiresome.


I love SJ Green. At his age he still is very productive.
Since it was S.J. that asked for his release. I would have to think that the Argos new Regime had asked him to take a paycut as they are looking to spend money within in the cap to fill some much needed players at other positions.
This certainly common practice in the CFL as management is under a very tite cap in this era of salary caps in every pro sports leagues around the world.
Thats just speculation on my part of course.
With Dinwiddie now as HC. Jackson as his OC specializing in QBs. Riders former OC and Oline his specialty.
Along with the signing of Nichols. They all have been around different teams in recent years. So they likely all have some younger cheaper unknown guys that they have played with to fill those spots.
As Well MBL. has been a two year backup in Toronto. Running scout teams with a nice pool of PR players that he has not only a connection with but can see the the potential players that have a very good shot

Makes sense though so you could well be right.