SJ Green reportedly refused 3yr/$600K offer

According to Red Black beat writer Tim Baines


Ottawa CFL News
Per @TimCBaines, WR SJ Green turned down a 3-yr/$600k offer from the #Als. LISTEN on @TSN1200: ... t-1.167144

Uh-oh. One of two recs. that make Crompton look competent. And the other (Carter) wont be back either.

is he looking for a better offer or looking at NFL options like Carter?

Can't see any CFL team offering him better than $200K per year, so it's got to be NFL aspirations.

Or he just wants to play somewhere else in the CFL.

Or the contract wasn't structured very well (ie: $150k in year 1 and 2 and $300k in year 3). In that scenario the ALs would undoubtedly release him aft year 2 so it's really a 2 year $300k contract, not a 3 year $600k deal.

I know nothing, just rambling...

I always wondered why SJ Green wasn't playing in the NFL. Might be a bit too old to make a play down south, but I do know some vets near the end make stops around the league before calling it a career.

CFL contracts are a joke. and GMs hold ALL of the cards

He had two opportunities and didn't make it.

As for the offer 200k for SJ is market value. He will get that type of offer from other teams. He can write his own ticket so can Banks. These two guys are the only two top playmakers to potentially hit free agency. I can see these guys getting in the 200k to 225k offers. Winnipeg, Edmonton, Ottawa and BC will all be players if these guys hit the market.

Unless Banks has been lying through his teeth, the Tiger-Cats will be the only team he wants to play for in the CFL.

It is highly unlikely for Green to get another opportunity in the NFL again given his age, (will be 30 before the 2015 NFL season starts) undrafted status, and the fact he has zero reps in a pro NFL game at this point in his career.

He may just want to test the open CFL market although 200K over 3 years is near tops for an International receiver.

that being said, the desperate RedBlacks may overbid to get him having extra Cap space with recent backdated signings prior to the 2015 calendar year.

Maybe he wants to see if another CFL team will throw more $$$ at him. Maybe he wants to play in Hamilton and go to the GC every year. :lol:

Backloaded or frontloaded deals are far from rare in any league. The NHL is trying to get rid of frontloaded contracts (think the Ilya Kovalchuk deal with New Jersey) and backloaded ones are standard in the NFL. So I'm not sure why a backloaded contract makes CFL contracts jokes. Care to elaborate?

I'm not speaking for Crash, here, but in the NFL, contracts are guaranteed. In the CFL, they are not. That means that with a back-end-loaded contract, the team can cut the player before the final year and not owe him a dime. In the scanario mentioned above, Green would probably be cut after 2 seasons, and be out $300k.

Most NFL contracts are not guaranteed,as in the CFL. A NFL star may have a portion of his contract guaranteed but,for most NFL players,the contracts are not guaranteed.


I don't know how you can come up with that. How do you know Green would be cut at age 32 ? He's never suffered a serious injury and didn't start till he was 26. Since you do not know how the 600k is broken over the 3 years your just guessing. My take on Green is that he will go where 1) He's sure he will get the ball and 2) has a real shot at the GC. Toronto and Edmonton are my guess. Ticats would be a potential destination I just think the Ticats are less likely to be players because of the number of young players they have to extend this year and next.

NFL contracts aren't guaranteed. There is guaranteed money in the contract, but the entirety of the contract is not guaranteed. So the same scenario could play out in the NFL and, in fact, often does. And actually CFL contracts are more guaranteed than NFL ones. Once a veteran player makes it beyond a certain number of games (the number differs based on years of service) their entire contract counts against the cap, making it silly to release a player after, say 11 games. This is not the case in the NFL. So, while slight, the CFL does have a mechanism in place that makes teams less likely to release a player whereas no such safeguard exists in the NFL.

There arent many frontloaded contracts in the CFL because it makes zero sense for the team. Most contracts are in good faith (like Fantuz) but when you look at many, a guy like Burris wanted 3 years. We could have easily have given him 3 years and cut him after 1.
Pretty much zero portion is guarenteed in the offseason. If you dont like a guys production after 1 year you trade or cut him. When you make a multiple year committment to a player you should be forced to pay at least a portion of that. No other sports league (professional) has a system like this.
In a league where it should be paramount to keep players from leaving and keep players recognizable by the fan base, GMs that are in a tough spot (like our friend in Ottawa), will likely overpay for somebody like Green (or Giguere) but at the first chance will come back to renegotiate or cut them. Happens all the time and it has to be frustrating for the player.

A guy like SJ Green would be a compared to a top 3 WR in the NFL. Tell me a top 3 WR in the NFL wouldnt get a large portion of his money guarenteed.
Theres no way Calvin Johnson would sign a 5 year - 90 million dollar contract and be able to be cut after one year without getting a large chunk.
The CFL should at least guarentee a portion, but it wont get collectively bargained because we saw what happened when the players tried to stand their ground.

I would argue the opposite side of that point - why should it ever be guaranteed? All leagues, including the CFL, cover contracts in the event a player is injured through the sport. Beyond that, wy should a contract be guaranteed? In no other line of work is a contract guaranteed.

Think of all the teams saddled with Scott Gomez type contracts where the player gets a sweet deal based on a great year and then his performance returns to his norm and he is grossly overpaid crippling the team that signed him. Why should he be overpaid for the duration of the contract if his performance doesn't warrant it? The GM shold be able to 'fire' him and then the player will be free to sign a new contract at a fair price with any team that he comes to an agreement with. The player would receive fair market value for the service he's capable of performing. What's wrong with that? It's the exact same convention as any other line of work.

Before everyone piles on the the comments about the GM signed the contract he shold have to honour it, and some of you will, I will respectfully disagree. When you wake up and go to work on Mondy morning you are expected to perform at a certain level. If you fail to meet those expectations for a long enough duration you will be fired. Why should a pro athlete be exempt? If he performs as expected when both parties entered into the contract, no problem, he gets paid. If he doesn't, no problem, he's a free agent the next day and free to sign a new deal with any team he can come to an agreement with. I think the CFL has it right.

I tend to agree with you. Add to that the fact that ALL athletes and agents know that the deals are not guaranteed. There is nothing hidden from them that is "revealed" when they are released.