SJ Green may be out for season with torn ACL + MCL :(

this is not good for the Als nor for the league as SJ would be out for the entire season. :frowning:

[b]CFL News ?@CFL_News
Alouettes fear S J Greem may have torn the MCL and ACL in his right knee. #CFL #AlsMTL via @JDunk12

CFL News ?@CFL_News
RT .@HerbZurkowsky1
Hearing today the knee injury to #AlsMTL receiver S.J. Green could be bad. Perhaps even a torn ACL? #CFL[/b]

Hopefully this is just another bit of inaccurate "reporting" from Dustin Junk.

Losing a star player like Green is bad for the league and especially bad for a franchise that has already folded twice due to lack of interest.

That might be S.J.'s career right there. He’s in his early '30s and there are a lot of miles on that body. Hoping for the best, though.

but Herb Zurkowsky also reported that sources told him the injury was serious...not good...not good at all.
I love the sport of football but hate the brutal injury toll on it's players.
It's no wonder an average career is just 3 years.

CFL News ?@CFL_News
RT .@HerbZurkowsky1
Hearing today the knee injury to #AlsMTL receiver S.J. Green could be bad. Perhaps even a torn ACL? #CFL

Twice?! When was the second time?

It looks a little like Jamel Richardson's injury in 2013. Past 30 years of age, this type of injury for a receiver is career threatening. A receiver puts a lot of pressure on the knees with the constant acceleration, abrupt stops, planting and change of directions. Football can be such a cruel sport...

Very true. And Green is a big receiver too, which means more pressure on the joints.

That, Johnny cupcakes is the first ever post that you've ever made that contributes to actual football!

You must be back on your meds....congrats!! Oskee Wee Wee

Nothing says class like coming into a thread about a player's possibly career-threatening injury and taking completely unnecessary shots at another member while mocking those who use medication to treat their mental health disorders.

I'll stick to talking to the classy Cats fans (like tangledweb, for instance), not you.

1982 and again in 1987*.

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Hes done for sure.. The CFL disposes of players like used tampons

Well, S.J. is a fixture in Montreal and I am 100% sure that Popp will give him a fair chance to stay on the team provided he can pass a physical and show that he can still play. He might have to accept a pay reduction, though.

The team changed name in 1982. Same franchise.

You should visit the Alouettes forum... Johnny keeps his best stuff for his fellow paysans who are Als fans! :cowboy:

Absolutely too bad for Green and the league. However, d&p, let johnny fight his own battles, he's provoked enough.
And I am genuinely glad he's back on his meds...not a knock against mental health.

On my way to THF...Go Cats Go!

Oh No Cats No! :smiley: Nice to see the Lions reverse the disaster of last year.