SJ Green done for the season

What a shame. I have always loved watching SJ out there.

That sucks. Something tells me his career is over.
At least he has a couple of rings.

Yeah, I end to agree, which is a real shame.

Complete tear of MCL, PCL, and ACL…that is brutal. On what seemed like a fairly minor injury he basically destroyed his entire knee! I hope to all heck he can come back, but his knee is totally blown at 31. Best wishes to him for sure.

Tyrell Sutton is also out…MCL…fortunately it is a sprain, not a torn MCL…but sprains can be a b***h to get over sometimes

That is too bad. He is one of the more exciting players in the league.

Very similar to the Jamal Richardson situation - - I'd doubt Grenn ever plays meaningful football after his injury either.

Even with a healthy Green Montreal was going to be a bottom feeder - - without him they're a good candidate for the 1st overall pick.

Wally would appreciate that.