Six Receiver Set?

Is a six receiver set legal in the CFL? Watching the Rider Rookie receivers yesterday I was very impressed with the over-all quality of the 2009 crop. So much so my imagination took over and I had visions of the Riders putting six extremely talented pass catchers on the field at one time. Namely, Dressler and Eric Morris at the slots with Clermont and Fantuz lining up as tightend types and Todd Blythe along with Chris Jones at the wideout positions. Anyone who has watched these guys running routes and snaring passes will easily understand what I'm fantasizing about.

There are always 6 eligible receivers on the field during every play. In fact, technically, there are 7 because the QB can catch a pass. The Riders will likely use plenty of 5 receiver sets this year, and some 6 . But the use of 6 receiver packs will be limited by the fact that means taking Wes Cates, arguably the best player, off the field. Plus it remains to be seen if the Riders carry 4 import receivers. They'll carry 3 almost for sure. But 4 might be pushing it....

I think now and then it would be a great idea, we do seem to have some dynamic receivers.If it works well it might be nice to take some of the load off cates' back.

We will use a 6-pachk this year, rest assured. We did last year. Just not that often because of Cates own pass catching ability.

Hold on to your hat Spartan Ron. I’d think you’d know that practice is A LOT different than game situations. Yes, I was there Wednesday aft. and Thurs. morning, and saw the same thing you saw, but your opinion might change with veteran DB’s covering these tadpoles. There are a lot of factors that make a CFL reciever but route running is only one.

How about those QB’s though??? Looking good I’d say! :slight_smile:

Yeah...I know...I'm getting carried away. The QB's are looking pretty decent. Any opinion on the RB's?

Aside from Arius reminding me that Cates might not be ready to go for the start of the regular season, I think we are solid. Hugh Charles, Stu and Neal provide not quite excellent, but better than very good, depth at RB. Not to mention the lone rookie(can't recall his name) who will be attempting to supplant one of the incumbants from 08'.

The one question that still burns is the returner spot. Charles was only just descent last year but perhaps with a year of growth will become our next Corey Holmes. I wish we could bring in a depth back that was an eye opener on both sides of the special teams game. You know... covers like Maurer and takes it to the house like Dorsey.

I was refering to the battle in rookie camp between Hugh Charles and Justin Beaver. I looked up their stats one time and as I recall they both turned in 40 times of 4.5. Also of interest was the # of bench reps they each performed. As memory serves, Charles wracked up twenty five and Beaver nailed twenty four. Comming from division III Beaver should be a little behind Charles but that may not be the case as Beaver was named player of the year in that division. Beaver has about ten pounds on Charles but at 5'07' he's about an inch shorter. Since Kavis Reed is Running backs coach and Special Teams Co-ordinator I wondered if the Riders might keep them both around for primarily special teams duty.

I was wondering if anybody has gone down to the rookie camp and seen how Todd Blythe is looking? I think he will be very good, and i saw the special on him by CTV news, can any fans validate what Jones had to say about him?

I would not be too surprised if they did just that Ron. But if one takes that returner spot and runs with it, the other would likely be cut or asked to join the PR shortly thereafter. IMO there should be no room for a sixth RB on the roster. Too many hands on deck, unless they know something about Wes that we don't.