Six Points Out of First Place...

...with a game in hand, and 12 games to go. You know, we are going to be surprising a few people over the next few months and make a run at first place; Yea, I said it. 8)

Ya gotta love it.

Do they have the games down there (are you in NZ) or do you watch it online?

I’ve lived in NZ for 15 years. I grew up in the Hammer and had season tickets for 18 years (I was at the '72 Cup win) I watch all games online; my wife calls it Sports Porn when I’m yelling from my office (how sad she says). Anyway…ONLY in the CFL could they still have a shot at first place; I think they’ll go on a run for it. But, that’s just me…GO 'Cats! :slight_smile:

Ah, my buddy is from there too.

Understatement - We are off to an awful start to this season. :o

The fact is, 5 wins this season could give us 2nd place in the pathetic East and a home playoff date. :o :o

If we can get a win over the Bummers at home on Saturday, we would need to go 4 and 7 or better to keep that chance alive

Still only six points out of first place at 0-7...yikes. ::slight_smile: