Six Points of Separation

Yet another game lost by less than six points. It is frustrating and disheartening.

However, it means that the team is competing. They are routinely hitting the 30 point mark in games. It should be enough to win. I think it's just mistakes and failure to seize that one or two key opportunities that keeps this team shooting themselves in the foot.

While it sounds simple these things are crucial. Yes, a loss is a loss is a loss. I'm not happy with a losing team. But it's encouraging. If they can keep the core together and find those few players at key positions that can help get over that hump then we'll have a team. The Stampeders record could've been similar to ours. They've been in so many tight games this year but they seem to pull it out more often than not. No, we're not the Stamps. But that is the difference, the ability to finish, and win those squeakers.

We're close. Keep the faith!


And I think time will allow those things to fix themselves.

Keep the continuity and keep changes to a minimum and only as needed. (ie. pass rush)

Good point. No air lifts, face lifts or tummy tucks for this team. Make the necessary changes at d-line and receiver, a couple on o-line, a linebacker and I think we're in business.

Don't you fellas realize that the kind of balanced, yet optimistic attitude you are demonstrating about this team is not the social norm on this website?

I want to warn you that to conform to the norms on this website it is important that you angrily call for someone to be cut, fired or traded...and when some football player you deem as talented becomes available, it is important that you start or contribute to a thread entitled "[player name] - Bring him to Hamilton", even if it is totally unrealistic to think that he would ever end up in the CFL (example: Brett Favre).

So what's wrong with you, did you suffer some blow to the head or sniff the flowers in your garden too vigorously? I'm relieved to see that there's just two of you contributing to this thread, this should not significantly alter the social world of this website.



This garden does have some
beautiful flowers in it, red24,

more of us should sniff them. :slight_smile:

each year you guys get a couple more pieces together. The d-line is better but, yeah, still needs some inside power. Your LB and inside 3 DB's I think are really the strength of your D - Knowlton is a D all-star IMO. Injuries have really hurt the O-line with Gagne out for the season and Hudson in and out with injury but at the same time, the Ticats have drafted strongly on the o-line the last few years and a couple of those guys are developing really nicely. Mitchell/Rodriguez/Mitchell are getting better and will continue to do so.
There is SO MUCH pressure on such a young team that I see all the players (esp CP) panicing and trying to FORCE a play and getting into trouble doing so.

With all of the draft picks and the money put in to this team over the last five years there is NOTHING that can excuse what has happened. 5 Years!

The only reason it is a young team is that they've traded away or released every single talented player they've had with a few exceptions (Lumsden,Setta) a few others who are debatable.

Staying the path is the only option now. As Obilovich is now recognising, no one will come to Hamilton and risk their reputation. So let the young guys mature, add talent and hope that Bellefeuille can become the head coach Obilovich thinks he can.

That means two, possibly 3 more years of missing the show. Will there be more then the 8000 or so hard core fans left? Its going to get expensive for Young till the team turns around.

Patience and stability is the only solution now. Really it always was.

I know it's been five years. Yes, it's really disappointing. My point is that what's happened has happened, and this is where we are, and we're not far off from having a good football team, if the progress that has been made is not undone this offseason.

Staying the course is the only solution, you're right. Every year when we finish with less than six wins many fans call for mass cuts because changes "have to be made". While true, we have never kept the strong players on the team. It's been a free for all of cuts. So, keeping the talent we do have is crucial, which is why you can't trade away your starting middle linebacker who leads the league in tackles, for nothing.

The players that have alot of potential that have been brought in over the last couple of years: Printers, Williams, Caulley, Lumsden, Mitchell, Bauman, Rodriguez, Walker, Adams, Knowlton (stud), Robinson, Thompson (ball hawk), Tisdale (was last week for real?), Bradley, Smith. Most of these guys need to stick around and we need to build on them. If they can do that then I'm optimistic about having a strong team in 09.