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Your mother wears army boots!

I don't know how I would have reacted under similar circumstances. I know he was gassed and it seemed like the penalty just stuck a fork in him. I don't blame him for not returning after such a devastating blow. It would have tough to return after what just happened. If he had I would have had more respect for him, but, that said, I certainly have a lot of respect for everything he did this year getting us to the point where WE SHOULD HAVE WON THE GREY CUP but didn't due to a team failure to punch it in when necessary and to capitalize on our opportunities.

Next year things will be different. Zach will have more experience and will have learned from his growing pains this year. Hopefully we can come out of the blocks a little quicker than 1 - 6 and not have to fight tooth and nail in order to even have a chance.

I am proud of this team and everything they accomplished this year. Am I disappointed? Of course I am, but I am not disappointed with their level of effort. Even through the two blew team losses, when most teams would have given up - thinking they were snake bitten these guys continued to fight. In the end, even though not ultimately successful, they showed me the type of team that they are.


Maybe we’ll learn more but I think he was out because he was gassed, whatever was going through his head. Banks is a great player who had a great playoff run and a great GC, coming so close to winning it for the Cats. If he is heading back to the NFL, I wish him the best of luck. If he is back in the CFL, I hope it is with the Cats.

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Various observations ... In no particular order.

Zach Collaros was good ... Bo Levi Mitchell was better. We're okay at the QB position though. That i'm confident about.

We talk about the Hamilton LB's ... How about Calgary's? Simpson, Mayo & Raymond were monsters!

I was ready to throw most of Hamilton's secondary under the bus, but after consideration, Mitchell had all day to throw the ball. It's unrealistic to expect guys to cover a receiver for 4, 5, 6 seconds! Getting ZERO pressure on BLM was a major factor. They were playing pitch & catch.

For all the love that Figueroa gets on the various boards & blogs ... he was not good tonight. Got taken to school by Lemon & Bishop.

Brandon Banks is a very special player. Even through the CW years, there hasn't been a player in a long time that brings me to the edge of my seat when he gets the ball in his hands. I know there's criticism/questions as far as his actions at the end of the game and I for one was ready to throw him under the bus for it. But he's a young man who has gone through a lot & is growing and maturing. I for one hope Austin stands by him and does all he can to retain his services. He truly is a very special athlete!

If you add Nik Lewis's waist measurement & the height he got jumping near the goal line ... that's taller than Speedy Banks!

Not sure what the solution is as far as getting pressure on the opposing QB. When they blitz, they don't get home & are left exposed. When they don't, the QB picks them apart.

Don't know why they even handed off to Grigsby on the play that he fumbled. It was 2nd & 1. Have Zach lean in on a QB sneak to get the first down.

Again, play calls when Hamilton was on the 2 yard line. 2 QB sneaks/leans ... TD. Instead, Grigsby gets tackled for a 3 yard loss.

Gaydosh got bulldozed by Bolden (ex-TICat) on that blocked field goal. That was truly embarrassing.

Stewart had an up & down game. My feeling is he was a little too jacked up facing his old mates. Again, it's tough to cover guys for 5+ seconds with no pressure on the QB.

I kinda wished BC had make the Grey Cup ... Would've been neat to see Paul McCallum play in his 102nd Grey Cup!

If they are able to retain Delvin Breaux's services, they need to not just use him as the short-side, lock-down corner. They need to match him up 1 on 1 on the opposing team's best receiver no matter where he lines up. (Although he'd have to get use to guys coming to the LoS on a waggle which is definitely different & very "CFL" ands the hardest thing to adjust to as an American DB/CB.)

The D was pretty invisible. Other than Breaux's INT, can't really remember/recall any real noteworthy positive plays.

Why do they wait to go to Fantuz until it's desperate time? How about doing that earlier!?!?

At least Rico Murray didn't slip & fall during the pre-game entrance like last year!

Madu was better than Grigsby. He's a threat to score from distance. Grigsby is not.

Simmons is the team's best Olineman. Heads up fumble recovery. Great downfield cut-block to spring Mossis. He's a key veteran leader.

Overall ... I'm not really all that bent out of shape about this loss. Calgary is/was clearly the class of the league. They are very, very, very good. They've built an excellent franchise with incredible talent & depth over the years.

Hamilton is on it's way. They're getting there. It took Calgary a few years. Dreadful years from '02 to '07. But since then ... solid. Hamilton will get there.

Great post, FenderGuy, with many good points made in it.

I sure do have to agree with these points:

This Ticat team came very close to winning the Grey Cup this year, and it wouldn't surprise me if they actually do get a Grey Cup win sometime in the next few years.

And another note about the pre-game player introductions: I had to like that Oskeeweewee that Hall did. I'm not sure if that was intended to be a tribute to Paul Weiler, but it was good to see anyway.

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A few questions for those of you criticizing the most exciting player on our team (probably the league), and the one who scored 60% of our TDs in the post-season, and almost pulled off one of the all-time greatest Grey Cup-winning plays:

  • Have you ever done a 150-yeard sprint with 12 guys chasing you and trying to knock you down?
  • Have you ever done so after playing in a 3-hour football game in which you've already accounted for 200 yards of offence?
  • And if so, how effective would you have been at running deep routes 60-120 seconds later?

Thanks to Speedy B for at least allowing us to salvage some pride ("We coulda won this thing!) after a game in which every other facet of the team came up short at key moments in the game.

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Ludicrous expectations. Banks was totally gassed after the run and then left emotionally distraught after hearing about the penalty. How effective would he have been as a deep threat only a minute or so later?

I believe he would have been more of a hindrance than anything else after that non-TD return. Besides the facts that he was obviously gassed-out and emotionally distrought he may have been heaving what remained of his cookies behind the bench. The guy should have been on straight O2 and the excercise bike!

Yeah he was gassed, but he had plenty of time to recover form that to get back in the game when his speed was needed most.

I don't buy the emotional distress excuse.

The team needs you . Tank reed needs you. No one else can do what he does. Get in there ASAP!

The rest of team saved their crying and emotional displays once the game ended.

Keeping your head in the game is all part of being a pro.

With Banks, People call it theatrics, I call it intensity, he just wants it that bad!
it is that very intensity that makes him the special player that he is, and if it doesn't work out, it shows on him.
If I remember correctly, Early In the East Final on his first return TD that was called back he was really upset
Players had to console him to get him back, it is just how he ticks.
I sure want him back next season, the guy is unbelievable.

My last point
Dickenson and Stubler totally schooled Condell and Steinauer

All very good points.

And as has been pointed out by Crash, the TiCats had poor clock management which falls on Austin.

Ti-Cats were out coached, had their signature poor red zone performance, and poor discipline at the most inopportune time, all of which were indicative of their 2014 season.

I expect the team, coaches and players alike, to become better next year as a result of this game and past season. Really looking forward to 2015.

If we had to make a list of who to blame for that loss, in order of who was most culpable ... Brandon Banks is at the bottom of my list. The absolute bottom.

For everyone criticizing him, I have to assume you expect him to read these boards at some point and are hoping to influence his decision now that he is a free agent, by acting like the most unappreciative bloody fans in the world. I cannot believe you are questioning the heart of this guy, who very nearly carried our team single-handedly to glory. I have to think you have all spent so much time in your armchairs that you have lost all connection with the physical and emotional realities of human beings. This is not a damn video game.

:thup: X 24,000 (I hope). And, I hope any who disagree give up their ST (if they have them), as in my opinion, they are not the type of fans this team needs or deserves.

I truly hope that Speedy B signs long term with us and that GM Austin is working on the contract as I write this. :rockin: :rockin:

I'm wondering were our shortish Punts in the first half a coaching decision to air them out high but not so long , or so it seemed or just poor punts ?
Resulting field position hurt us ,maybe Medlock needs wind under his kicks more than other kickers?

How in the world did Calgary block a field goal attempt?Was that a botched hold ?Unbelievable!!

The way Brandon Banks has performed this season and in the playoffs, and some are on his back because he was gassed or emotional after his brilliant runback was wiped out by a penalty??!!

Earlier in this same game, he outran his coverage and the football to get us a very important touchdown!!!


Kent Austin when asked during this past week about Speedy B, said that he has a very high compete level and wants to win.

I think we have THE most dangerous return man and offensive weapon in the league. I VERY MUCH want him back.

Thank you for sharing your expert opinion on how much time Banks would need to recover in this specific scenario. Are you an MD, a PhD in exercise physiology, or just a professional athlete yourself?

Congrats on the great run you had to the Grey Cup final. If anyone knows about the bitterness of losing multiple times in the big game, it's Als fans, but don't worry. The future is bright and you came very close to ending the Cup drought (unlike the blowout last year). If you can retain Steinauer, I think you guys are the team to beat in the East next season. :thup: