Six months of no witches to burn or kiss

Why couldn't Banks get back on the field????

We needed TDs, not FGs in the clutch. Too many woulda-coulda-shouldas.

A furious comeback that fell short...I will probably be less furious come tomorrow. Tough to take.

I'll have more on it later.

Oski Wee Wee,


We'll be back

We were out coached on both Offence and Defence
Yet somehow we still had a chance to win that game.
We definitely had to use Fantuz a lot more!

Weakest links of the game:

Brandon Stewart (dumb penalties - too slow to defend on the deep pass)
Mike Filer (poor blocking - a couple of sacks were on him)
Taylor Reed (takes too many dumb penalties - needs to apologize to Banks)

I'll be interested to see how Mr. Banks responds to this game. I was not impressed with his theatrics at the end of the game. Is he a team player?

Disappointed that we came so close and fought so hard but we really got a bit too far behind in the first half. Zach did seem to be slow getting rid of the ball at times and that resulted in him being sacked. That last sack deep in our end, he couldn't see down field to open receivers when the pocket collapsed but that could have made the difference if he'd been able to get a good toss away then. I know by his reaction on the sidelines that Speedy B was crushed when his return was negated by that penalty.
Not unhappy for the Stamps who have played really well all season but I know it is a heartbreaking loss for our guys who have fought and worked so hard all season.

:thup: :thup: You got it!

Shouldn't you be kicking puppies somewhere?

Banks' tearful sulking on the sideline, when his speed was desperately needed by the offence, may have blown his shot at a return to the NFL.

Yeah the one deep threat they had, wasted away on the sidelines and made the moment more about himself than the team. Disappointing.

Not sure about your comment, but consensus so far seems to be in my favour.

Apart from sharing in his disappointment on the return being called back, the rest of his actions are a head scratcher at the least for me and I am sure many fans. At least a puppy would get back to its owner when called back most of the time, but I digress.

Oski Wee Wee,


There is no winner in this. Maybe he could have done something different, but why harp on it while the wound is fresh? You think those guys don't all feel like crap right now? But you still wanna rip on the guy from the comfort of your la-z-boy? When people suggest that Hamilton fans have no class, it's exactly that kind of passive-aggressive armchair crap they're referring to. "Is he a team player?" Would you walk into the lockerroom and say that to his face? (Hint: if you would, you're still a dick).

I thought that Banks was gassed after that return, and him being demoralized was another reason for that. It might have helped to have him.

The penalty will be talked about. But the team getting stopped short, making it easy for Medlock to get FGs (except on the one that got blocked) should also be mentioned. And Grigsby getting tackled for a loss on 2nd and goal from the 2? I see that that play call is already being criticized.

I wasn't sure if Cornish could be kept under control by this defence. They did quite well at that, but not so well against BLM who totally deserved to be named the MVP.

Well, congratulations again to the Stamps on the Grey Cup win. But credit goes to this Ticat team for staying in there and refusing to quit, even when it looked like they may get blown out by Calgary, just as Edmonton was last week.

It was a good year for this Ticat team, but just not quite good enough for the Grey Cup win.

Is he a team player, of course he is.

If not for Banks would last weeks game be different, yes it could have been.

The guy got us back into the game today. If not for an unnecessary clip. He would have won this game for us today. The guy was devastated from the penalty with 30 seconds left, also very gassed. His loyalty should not even be questioned.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Yep. I think BLM's ability to escape pressure was the story of the game.

Agreed. Banks didn't screw upon that play, a teammate did.

Get back out there and try redeem him as all of your other teammates are doing.

Cry after the game, not on the sidelines during the game.

No one else was crying on the sideline while they're trying to win the Grey Cup.


You are absolutely clueless!!

This was a typical 2014 Tiger-Cat game. Might be good enough to beat a mediocre eastern opponent, but not good enough to beat a good western team.

Offense choked in the red zone, 6 points in 3 red zone chances at the end.

TiCats won only 2 games on the road this year.

This young team will learn and grow from this experience. Watch out 2015. (If they don't blow up the team again, which I expect they won't)

Gonna get my tickets to the 103rd Grey Cup and watch the TiCats win that one.