Six games left...

The Ticats have six regular season games left, and under Mathews, or whomever else goes in. If they can go at least 3-3, I think they will solidify a home playoff game. Hopefully the final.

Do you think they can go at least 3-3? Going 2-4 might even be enough, depending on how Ottawa and Toronto do the rest of the season. The back to back Ottawa games at the end of the season will be the important ones.

There are a lot of doubters right now but I have a feeling they will surprise a bunch of them. I am going to say they go 4-2 and Matthews plays well.

We beat Calgary, Sask, Ottawa at home, Montreal on the road and lose in Ottawa and BC. We really should be able to beat BC so even 5-1

Wishful thinking? yes but I just feel this team will not fold

more likely, ticats lose to mont and beat BC

I just have a feeling we get the win in Montreal, were due

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Theyll have to keep Jeff Mathews on a short leash for the next couple of games to settle him down and give him confidence. This could be a tough 6 games coming up. I think Calgary, Montreal and Ottawa will give us trouble. We might split the two Ottawa games. I think we can beat BC and Sask. As long as we make the playoffs....after that its a new season.
The heat will be on Mathews next week....this is a golden opportunity for him. Hope he can keep his head straight.

Still don`t know how long Banks will be out with his fractured all the other injuries to Coates, Fantuz, Gable etc...all key players. We could be in for a real nailbiting October.

We will need to wait and see how Mathews does in his first start while practicing with the first team but with 8 wins I have to wonder if we could be the team that crosses over to the West?

It's certainly as possible as taking 1st or 2nd in the east. I really hope they don't have to cross over.

Based on Mathews NCAA skill, I think he can play at least .500 football right now with proper preparation. The NCAA is getting a lot closer to CFL style ball in the last couple decades; not that that is their goal, but it's true.

If we go 3-3, we get a home playoff game for sure IMO.

I still think we can go 4-2 the remainder of the season with Jeff**

beat Calgary
Beat Sask
lose to MTL
beat BC
split with the BUMCRACKS..

**providing KA gets Jeff some help in the run department.

Its not so much how many they win, its who they win against. The Montreal game possibly not likely and Ottawa for certain are 4 point games. Great thing is the B2B against Ottawa comes at the end of the season, this should be the best Mathews we will see and six weeks down the road who knows if Burris is healthy.

We are going 8 and 0, Run the table all the way to the Cup! :rockin: :rockin:

I don’t see Mathews ready just yet to beat Calgary. I agree with the win against Sask. Agree a loss in Mtl and a win in BC with Mathews getting more playing time. A possible split with Ottawa.
Therefore a finish at 3 - 3, but right now Mathews is still the “unknown”. If he continues to toss the ball in to coverage when he gets in trouble it could be a 0 - 6 finish.

Ottawa has 7 games remaining and play their game-in-hand this week at home against the Argos, a win and they are tied. It could come down to point difference in that final game in Ottawa as to who takes first place.

The reality is he could lose the first four games and spank Ottawa in both games coming into the playoffs hot and at home and all would be good...

fine lose to CGY beat the BUMCRACKS twice :wink:

If the D continues the clinic it put on against Edmonton and offensive blunders are eliminated, there's no reason we don't win the rest.

I'm eager to see who comes back for us for Calgary. Gable would be huge for us.

And who knows if Mathews will remain healthy? Teams are going to send all-out pressure at Mathews early and often before he gets a chance to settle into a rhythm IMO. They have seen what his tendencies are under pressure. And the Ti-Cat O-line is "leaky".

It won't be easy but you guys have a nice cushion, he's got 1/3rd of a season to become competent as a CFL QB. Cato won four games straight out of College,with no training camp in what was essentially an insane asylum with a guy who could not even get the plays out to him on time.

Another big advantage is Austin knows what he can and can't do well. Usually with a new guy that takes a few games to even figure out. I think he can go at least 2-4 and probably better.

:thup: :thup:

Gable, Fantuz, Bakari, Murray, Washington and Bomben all have a great chance of coming back
The big problem is losing OL Jake Olsen, Dyakowski is also hobbling
Joel Figueroa will have to come into the lineup

I will second that

Another thing to remember is Fantuz and Tasker especially have the instinct and experience to make life easier for a QB by coming back to the ball, running great routes etc. If Gable never runs the ball again is still take him for his protection.

Our talent can help out an inexperienced QB like no other team I've seen.

Even if Matthews throws 2-3 fewer TDs a game we're still totally competitive