Sitting on your hands again.

If you notice the transaction page via the CFL website you will notice other teams are loading up with talent. What's up with this team? We have had a dismal past 5 years. Where's the talent Obie promissed to find? I certainly hope we are not counting on any of the CIS college draft to fill any of the obvious holes that still need to be filed.

I welcome your comments.


Yet another well thought out reply....................

I know what you mean. We make one good move other teams make 4 good moves. Obie better get after some of the talent out there or we're going to have a case of what happened last year where during the offseason we looked to be way better and able to compete with the teams as they were in 2007. But the league got better around us. Why do i have the feeling that's happening again?

Yawn is right. Its March would you relax. Tell me when the team signed Porter last year then get back to me.

There is no "relax" lol. The season fast approaching and the fans aren't going to put up with many more losing seasons. We need as much good talent as possible going into the season to give us a better shot at success. This time is crucial to the outcome of the entire season. so it's not a yawn.

When I look at the transactions page all I see is a whole lot of NOTHING! for every team unless you are talking about all the nobodies everyone is signing or maybe the players who have re-signed with their respective teams... eg. Burke Dales, Aaron Hunt, and Javier Glatt.

Unless you guys who are whining about our off season know of some random amazing players we should sign(highly doubt it) you should just be patient and wait...

We have addressed our weak spots in our line up and added strength and depth to our already strong positions.

There is a lot of time left so just wait...

Hmm when did Obie sign Prechae last season? The Blue team or whoever is not winning any more games now by announcing any players signed in the mouth of March. Just cause the Cats havent announced new signings doesn't mean they don't have players who have signed or will be signing.

Also do remember that the neg list would limit any player signing with another team. So, if there is a player Obie likes and hasn't gotten pen to paper guess where he puts him?

Armchair...still think the same way? Looks like cheesy had a change of heart over the last week or so.

Have you been hibernating all winter ?? and just woke up ??
WOW !!

ARMCHAIR, Dinners ready !!

I don't care if he signs 6 or 60 players. The only measure this year is how competitive the Ticats are. Bombers and Toronto are going through complete or near complete rebuilds. Ticats HAVE to be competitive or else Obilovich and his boss and crew will have failed.


If Obie had only signed 6 guys going into camp I'm sure you'd have a comment or two on scouting, Obie's age, how they're falling behind the mighty Als etc.

Truth is Obie is doing everything he said he would and doing just about everything in his power to improve the team and that has made people sit up and take notice esp. the people who want/expect the team to fail again.

I agree with Zontar. Obie's doing a fine job-- the job being to sign players who he believes can help improve the team. He's done plenty in this regard, and I don't doubt he'll do more.

Als4ever is right too... some of the players will pan out, some won't. That's the way it is in every organization. I'm confident we will improve this season, and Obie will deserve significant credit for that improvement. So will the coaching staff, whose job will begin in earnest in training camp.

Get lost, monkey, I couldn't care less what you make up in your head. Proof will be on the field. The man can do whatever he wants I could not care less as long as the team is competitive.

Winnipeg yes, Toronto no. We should however be better than both teams. And i think we will.

I think if Porter and Glenn can make plays the Ticats should be competitive there are 3 areas that are of concern, defensive front, safety and I would like to see an experienced receiver (Copeland, Watkins, Bryant) if those 3 areas are adressed the sky is the limit.

Absolutely, but you never know, one or more of these players we brought in could play as well or better than those veterans. Obie knows how to scout so I'm sure he didn't just sign slouches for the sake of signing players. All I've got on my mind right now is waiting for the season to start, it's killing me :smiley:

I don't mind eating my words. In fact I hope Obie proves me wrong and he is not sitting on his hands as I suggested. Keep the talent door open...........

Hey Armchair,

If memory serves me right, the maximum players (excluding the draft picks the Cats pick for 2009) is 75 players. A quick count using my toes and fingers show that we have 69 players signed to attend Camp which means we only have room for 6 more players. Assuming that we will be bringing all the players we have signed that are on the roster to camp, OB has about two months to sign "6" more players.

Relax and take a pill.

Maybe they could sign Ken Hobart....because Christmas comes early with Ho, Ho Hobart!

Ticats 'moving in the right direction'

Drew Edwards
The Hamilton Spectator
(Apr 11, 2009)
With an off-season that has seen them attract quality free agents, upgrade the coaching staff and land an All-Star via the trade market, suddenly the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have gone from rebuilding mode to legitimate East Division contender.
General manager Bob O'Billovich and head coach Marcel Bellefeuille have had a busy winter. O'Billovich has added linebackers Otis Floyd, Augie Barrenechea, offensive tackles Alexandre Gauthier and Dan Goodspeed, quarterback Kevin Glenn -- and their seven collective all-star selections. He also jettisoned two CFL stars that underperformed last year: running back Jesse Lumsden was allowed to leave via free agency and quarterback Casey Printers was given his walking papers
Meanwhile Bellefeuille, freed of his interim tag, recruited one of the best defensive minds in the CFL, Greg Marshall, as his defensive coordinator and brought in the experienced Mike Gibson to run his offence.
It all adds up to one thing: raised expectations. And despite the additional pressure that brings, Bellefeuille is OK with the bar being raised for his first full season.
"If you set your standards to just improve incrementally, that's all you're going to do. So you have to set your standards to a higher level," Bellefeuille said.
"I hate using the word 'rebuilding' but there's one part of this process that you can't change: you go from being a bad team to being a competitive team to being a good team."
O'Billovich says despite the team's dismal 3-15 record last season, he felt the team made strides, losing seven games by seven points or less.
"I think we were competitive last year. I think this year we can win," he said. "We're moving in the right direction. We've been fortunate to be able to acquire some veteran guys in areas that needed to be upgraded to make us better."
Three of those additions -- Gauthier, Goodspeed and Glenn -- have come at the expense of division rival Winnipeg, who are also breaking in a new head coach and general manager in Mike Kelly. In Toronto, questions surround new coach Bart Andrus and his lack of CFL experience,
"Montreal will be the team to beat, for sure, but the rest of the division is wide open," O'Billovich said.
Centre Marwan Hage has been with the Ticats for five seasons during which the team has won just 24 games. He says the team's free agent signings have given him renewed optimism.
"Every year I've come to camp expecting to win but this year I think we've given ourselves the best chance. The guys we've signed are the kind of guys you watch on other teams and you want to play with them. They are players that other teams would want in a heartbeat."
Hage said the entire organization is more stable than at any other point during his tenure has a Ticat.
"Looking back, you see the mistakes that were made. But now, we have the right people in the right positions and we hired them properly: the president hired the general manager, who hired the coach who hired his assistants. That's the way you set up a winning organization," Hage said.
While Hage said he expects the team to qualify for the post-season for the first time since his rookie year -- "then we'll take it from there," -- Bellefeuille strikes a more cautious tone. While the off-season has been productive, the Ticats have yet to win a game.
"Getting players and coaches in place is a big part of it but we still have to come together as a team on the field. You have to be healthy -- a lot of other factors play into it. We're very optimistic but there's a lot of work still to be done."
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