Sitting on Our Hands?????

....Sure seems like we aren't doing a heckuva lot lately, with regards to re-signing our free agents and securing some ni help that's been available ...The latest to go was Gauthier, who could have made a difference..His contract with the riders looks a little pricey and his age probably shot this one down....However we don't seem to be able to make a move with a couple of OUR own fas...Hefney comes to mind????? Are we out of the running in 2011 already????If we don't secure a couple of key players things are looking a little dicey....Hunt is ready to sign on with the eagles of the nfl, it's being reported today.. Tough one to lose...I'm really having a problem with these players who wait till the last minute to make a decsion on where they're going to play...It leaves us in the lurch come free agency, not really knowing what players we 'could' be going after to fill vacant spots...The league should change the rule on players heading south and that window should be closed a week BEFORE CFL free agency begins...We need to protect the leagues operations and to hell with what goes on down south...Anyway i hope we get off of our hands and make some key moves soon's getting late in the day :roll: :roll:

Oh I'm with you there 100% papa.

Agreed Papa. Check out this list of players who could have been or will be free agents come Feb 16.


Montreal, Sask, Calgary, and Toronto have all made strides in resigining players they want back. Winnipeg is blank. Now several factors may figure in to this, such as whether the player is wanted back, whether the player wants to see if they can get a better offer come free agency, or if the players demands are too high to warrant bringing back. I think most fans are hoping to see Hefney back, but seems those negotiations became a bit heated a couple weeks ago. We do have 5 pending NI FAs which may not be easily filled through the draft. And looking at the list, most teams have already resigned their upper tier NI FAs, leaving that pool pretty weak. Aside from Wayne Smith from the Riders, there's not much left, and even he's a risk considering I believe he's spent the bulk of the last 2 years on the Riders injury list.

I’m not prepared to throw Mr Mack under the bus just yet, but I am starting to get a bit concerned for the Bombers. . . doesn’t seem to be too quick off the mark here. I know Friesen’s written a few articles lately suggesting that he’s sitting on his hands a bit, and it does start to appear that way a tad.

That list for the Bombers isn't blank now. Dorian Smith and Jon Oosterhuis have re-signed.

Looking at other names on the list:

  • Shawn Gallant retired, Neil McKinlay retired last year
  • Yvenson Bernard, Joe Lobendahn and Daryl Stephenson are all going to be free agents
  • Obie Khan and Jonathan Hefney are still in negotiations

As for Bauman and Gauthier, they both got overpaid IMO. I think what the Bombers offered them was fair so when you've got Tillman and Taman throwing cash around like that there isn't much that you can do.

One other thing to keep in mind, some of the players who were potential FAs were clients of Mark Maren so negotiations were stalled a little when he was in jail and players had to find new reps.

sure enough, Mr Mack delivers -

Dorian Smith and Oosterhuis resigned.

Imp OL Marlon Winn to provide Butler and Douglas some competition, and an IMP running back Alex Henderson. I get the feeling that Yvensen Bernard might not be back as they may be looking for someone more versatile as the backup RB, ie can return kicks.

The roster on the bomber site shows 7 QBs under contract - Pierce, Jyles, Brink, Elliott, Goltz, Champion, and Wilczynski, . At some point they are going to have to cut a couple of guys. I can’t imagine they bring all 7 to training camp.

Gotta agree with you there wolverine; with the short training camp and only 2 exhibition games, 7 QBs would never get enough quality reps to allow the coaching staff to make any sort of informed judgment. Were I running the show, I would want 4 QBs in camp, 5 tops. . . anything over that is counterproductive I should think. From what I saw last year, Pierce, Jyles and Elliot would be in camp, with Champion as #4. Wasn't particularly impressed with Brink so if I was to bring in a fifth, it might be either Goltz and Wilczynski over Brink, but I really can't say as I don't know anything about those two.

...Finally we got some news on 2 signings....guess they read my post :lol: :lol: yeah right..... Especially like the fact Dorian Smith is back on board...A couple of finds by Mack also:This Henderson kid looks good on his promo vid. (don't they all) but if he can play up here like his video shows...i like what i see........Winn looked promising last year but another import on the o line :roll: ?????

what do u mean Winn looked promising last year? dude got here like week 12 and was on the PR the entire year..

pretty obvious to me that they are gonna be shopping around january..

i know everyone thinks they are experts on these and other msg boards but fact is... this dude u talking about who looked promising didnt even play 1 snap or dress for 1 regular season game.. i mean, people read way to far into these signings and non signings..

im with blue blood.. both bauman,gauthier and for that matter.. donovan alexander are all over paid..

if we signed gauthier would it have been a guarantee he starts even? alexander wouldnt have started thats for damn sure.. bauman, im not sure even if he would have.. you guys need to stop this "sitting on our hands" "the sky is falling" crap...

both taman and mike kelly royally screwed this team the last few seasons prior to mack getting here.. rome wasnt built in a day or a year... but it certainly fell rather quickly...

its friggin february 12... camp doesnt begin until june

reading paul friesen who has had a grudge against this team for aslong as i can remember and then basing your thoughts on that... is just ludicrous and ridiculous...

fact is bauman has shown as much in 3 years as watson has in 1... fact is we didnt need gauthier... people just wanted him back... for some reason, maybe the ratio changer thing.. i dunno... people want every guy that becomes available... well reality is that isnt gonna happen...

sitting on their hands? gimme a break... they just resign 2 players, they resigned odell willis, they offered hunt a contract but he went to the nfl.. what can u do... they offered bauman what was fair, edmonton offered way to much for a guy who hasnt done crap, they offered gauthier a fair deal.. sask offered him 280,000 for 2 years.. h e's gonna be 35 next season

they resigned beasley, m bowman, clint kent... alex suber.. justin palardy... marlon winn even..

what they are doing is signing the guys they have developed, they guys that want to be here.. does montreal ever make a big free agent signing.. who was the last guy they signed as a free agent.. jamal richardson probably.. noone really knew who he was then tho... bombers gonna take the same approach.. u dont overpay for canadian players just cuz they are canadian... look at the list of potential free agents.. does anyone really stand out... i mean... the only realistic guy i see, is guzman... hes american tho but has ties to tim burke and probably doesnt want to play behind shea emry anymore.. my guess he's the only guy we have interest in...

u guys get ur hopes up too high sometimes, u read the papers.. u believe the opinion writers like friesen... u needs to stop.... patience is key... thats what wpg has been lacking for years now.. jesus i mean... u got some dude here talking about how bad brink was.. i mean tats all u need to know about the patience of the fans around here.. 1 game and its time to send him away... until the fans learn to have patience... this team will never win anything.. NEVER.

canadian depth is a problem but its not like signing bauman or gauthier would have reallly made a difference between 4-14 and 9-9.

sometimes u just gotta relax and realize its february.. snow is still on the ground, will be for abit still.. dont overpay for guys just cuz they are canadian.. u dont pay them cuz of their passport.. u pay them cuz they are worth that money.. a 35 year old tackle is not worth 280,000 over 2 years.. a 26 yr old backup receiver who has been potential for 3 years now is not worth over 150,000 with a signing bonus.

settle down, let the people who know what they are doing run the damn team and stop pretending you know it all cuz its just sad really... 20 years without a grey cup.. thats not on the current regime.. thats on the previous ones... 3 draft picks this year is not on the current regime, its only the previous 2.

its gonna take time... guns n roses said it best about 20 years ago really... "things will be just fine, all we need is just a little patience".

i for one am willing to give these guys this year and even next year to show they know what they are doing.. i suggest some of you do the same cuz the definition of insanity is doing the same stuff over and over and expecting the same results...

taman, kelly.. they traded all our draft picks.. thats not macks fault, thats not lapolices fault... yet the sky is falling and we are sitting on our hands.. canadians maaan, u just need to start 7..

hypothetically we could start 8 or 9 even... if a couple like donny 0 and labbe step up...

gotta believe in mack and lapo especially 4 moths even b4 training camp starts... the sky is falling in february... gimme a break.

...HEY killer...they're all promising or we wouldn't bother bringing them in would we :stuck_out_tongue: ...In any case we are in bad need of nis...whether that will happen by the draft, it's welcomed....I don't see a need for another import on the o line , which my main point was with regard to Winn.... :wink:

....AND i've been around this team a helluva longer than you my friend.. AND i can guarantee there are a lot of people getting a little 'antcy' when they don't see the progress they would like...Count me in that bunch...You see it differently...that's your schtick....I have mine :wink:

Would agree that Gauthier is probably overpaid, however that's what you do this time of year for a Canadian that starts. You can argue that he might be best suited as a backup at this stage of his career, but IMO you don't consider signing him if your the Bombers unless you are planning to start him. There's no point trying to bring him here for any other reason. Signing him would've meant altering how the ratio is deployed and starting another import at a different position, that's what the impact of signing a guy like Gauthier would've done. Not signing him means the Oline will start 2 import tackles again. Bringing Winn back suggests they saw something they liked in his brief stint here last year and his price is low enough. Looks like it'll be Butler, Douglas, January, and Winn battling for 2 starting jobs, plus probably one reserve.

Regarding Bauman, he showed some ability at the end of last season and made several tough grabs for the TiCats, something one of our starting NI receivers didn't/doesn't do enough of, he was the best of a weak group of NI recievers, and he's a local boy, that's where all the passion comes from. Edmonton paid a premium to sign him, that's for sure. I don't know the kid or anything about him but playing at that price there would've been huge expectations for him in front of hometown fans, and well, lets just say some guys don't respond well to that.

I would probably not expect much action on the current crop of CFL free agents, excluding our own of course. Most of the players you would consider have resigned with their clubs. Maybe's would be a guy like Ramon Guzman who Tim Burke would be familiar with and might be able to play MLB, I would consider adding Ben Archibald into the tackle competition, maybe kick the tires on Randy Chevrier. Dwight Anderson had a great year last year, but I'm content with where we're at right now to not want spend money on him. Adam Nicholson showed some flashes last year, but I'm sure Ham will try to keep him after letting Bauman go and there's already a guy like him on the roster in Hargreaves. Lysack won't be back here as Logan has been capable enough at safety. It looks like any new blood is going to have to come from what we get in the draft and from outside the CFL.

The frustration I think most people sense, and myself included, is that you see other teams making moves, whether its resigning their key free agents, letting players go that aren't in the plans for next year, or even signing some new players while, as the basement dwellers in the CFL, the bombers have been relatively quiet in making any moves until the last couple days. After a disappointing season fans are looking for the team to trim dead weight, sign the next available guy who they think is better than what's on the roster, etc, the BIG move. Clearly the management team in place maybe takes longer to evaluate players or make decisions, plus I think there's an expectation that the new guys who came in last year will perform even better with a year under their belt. We just have to learn to accept that the BIG move isn't likely coming and learn to wait to see improvement. And that's probably for the best, since a big move can cost the team financially if its a bust and hamstring them from future moves under the cap.

...I hope Mack and Lapo 'blow my socks off' with some heady moves...That could still very well happen...I don't see us standing completely pat with the roster we currently have..AND there's always room for improvement...I'll wait till the final curtain comes down after the draft AND we finalize our players for the 2011 season..Right now...i think we're a little slow off the mark but that can definitely turn around....I'm patiently waiting.. :wink: :thup:

......ALSO ...i think killer is a great supporter of this team ...He has his own way...BUT i agree wolverine...the fact that an ni being a ratio changer might have evaded him :wink:

Papa, it seems that Mack and Lapo have decided to stick with 2 imports on the o-line so having Winn as a challenger in TC makes sense.

While it is disquieting Iam not worried I would love to see hef back but then again I think Mack has enough connections down south that he will get what he needs ... another thought despite the record last year this is a team with great chemistry youth and team speed I would be very careful in how I upgraded this crew money is an issue as is chemistry. However I would have loved to see bauman in a bomber uniform I dont like out Canuck talent at receiver at all Not sure the price was worth it