Sitting in the rain, a Ticat version

Both my mom and I are season ticket holders and we'll be there tonight in Guelph. Considering the weather forecast here's her play on Gene Kelly's classic, especially for today (she's been singing it around the house all morning, sorry I can't provide audio...but on the other hand you she'd kill me if I did!)

I'm sitting in the rain, just sitting in the rain!
What a dreadful feeling,
Not happy again.
Don't want to watch Cortez
Chewing on his pen.
The Ticats in my heart
We really need a win.

Don't let the clouds chase
Everyone from the place.
Come on Tiger Cats
Put a smile on my face.
I'll walk up to my seats
and cheer the team along
Sitting, sitting in the rain.

Good one, Jeff.

Perhaps, you could get the team to post that on the scoreboard and at the opportune moment and get the crowd to join in.

Kareoke Night in GUELPH!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: Now that would be hoot if they could pull that one off.....Great Idea....could be fun........and perhaps the highlight of the night!!! :rockin: :wink:

A big thank you from the guy who ran poetry, song parody, and Shakespearean soliloquy parody threads a few years ago before the Boards here got waaaaaay too serious. All I can say is (with apologies to Portia and Shakespeare),

"The quality of mercy is quite strained.
It droppeth as the pouring rain from heaven
Upon the crowd in Guelph. It is twice cursed:
It curseth him that throws and him that drops.
'Tis primary in the secondary. It becomes
The bad play and then the thrown flag.
The whistle blows the force of ref'ree power,
The attribute to pain and lost yards
Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of coach,
But mercy's balm doth perish through another loss.
It is driven from the hearts of fans.
It is an attribute of God alone."

n the hours before kickoff, the roads and parking lots and paths and common areas around Alumni Field were awash in green wigs, green shirts, green beads, green face paint, green pants, green watermelon helmets, green signs, green noisemakers, green hats and probably, if you’d asked to see it, green underwear. “This looks like their home game,? one guy in a Ticats’ jersey said, shaking his head disgustedly.
Even with some considerable help from all those Riders’ fans, Alumni Stadium wasn’t a sellout on Saturday. Just as it wasn’t in the Ticats’ two previous home games. Heaven knows what the attendance might’ve been if the visiting team didn’t travel so well.
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Yeesh! How many Rider fans were there?

Oh no!

Right now, the forecast is for 90% chance of rain in Guelph Saturday. :cry:

[url=] ... rio/guelph[/url]

I just had a look at the hourly forecast from the Weather network site. Chance of rain will reduce to 70% by 4pm on Saturday and 40% by 5pm and for the remainder of the game.

Keep those positive thoughts going....


70% chance of rain in Guelph this evening ... rio/guelph

Looking a little ominous in Hamilton right now even.

Nice Jeff! My fair weather spouse probably will be saying no go to today's game but we'll see.

The weather network is predicting less than a millimeter of rain for the duration of the game.

I hope I'm wrong for the sake of you going to the game - but the radar has a long string of rain - that other than a gap for the next hour or so - looks like for a long wet day/evening. Looks like some thunderstorms are imbedded in the rain too in areas over Lake Huron now that if they stay that way should be passing through these parts around 5:00PM.

Me - I'm heading out to stock up so that I can settle in for a football tripleheader on TV today. Western-Mac, followed by Lions-Flying Wildcats, then tonight Notre Dame-Michigan for the last time in a while at the Big House. I love this time of year! :smiley:

8) So much for the weather network and their forecast of rain, rain, throughout the game, along with thunderstorms !!
  It rained lightly during the drive to Guelph, but stopped well before the game even started, and no rain for the duration
   of the game !!

   Don't you love it when these experts are wrong !!!    <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->  <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

That's awesome. Now you need to come up with a 'Dashing through the snow' version for either october 26 or a potential home playoff game.