Site preferences: Dark theme

When I logged in this morning (Windows 10 and Firefox) my background changed from black to white. I tried to change it back in my preferences, but it didn't work.
I am now on my android tablet (with Firefox) and am having the same problem.
Is this a Firefox issue (no changes from yesterday) or a site glitch? I prefer the "dark" scheme because it is far more readable.

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if it aint broke, dont fix it.

not liking the blinding whiteout

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I get the same thing on Chrome both desktop and mobile.

Dark is easier to read IMO, hope it gets fixed soon.

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I knew it. You broke this too.

well, you know what they say, if you cant fix it, break it

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Huh, I'm also seeing weird issues - the colours on the dark theme are screwed up. I'll see if I can, like, reset things?

Same here. I use various devices and operating systems and the problem is widespread. Black background is now white which is harder to read for me. Hopefully Sully can fix it.

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I fully removed and re-installed the Dark theme; seems to be better?

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It worked! Dark is back. Thank you Sully!


It works now Sully. Thanks!

I'm back in BLACK!!! :+1:

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Done here too and adjusted Sully thank you! For some reason I could not adjust it by phone and had to wait to get back on my laptop.

And so for "wish list" I do have another request.

For the bullets for new comment tally, well I did like that cool blue!

Maybe that can be an option for interface to small degree down the road?

Or I can keep wishing and am fine with that too given that adjustments for additional options for colours can be challenging for any given software.