Site Poll: The Interim HNIC Instrumental Theme Song

So a discussion came up about the original HNIC theme in the NHL Canadian TV Deal thread, and after much discussion in that thread about rights to the song and the fact that they don’t play it as much for some unexplained reason, I figured it’s a good time for another CFL Forum Site Poll.

Due to the length of the post, I went ahead and started a new thread and so here we are now.

Listen first to the instrumental on good speakers.

Good luck with your pick or picks.

CFL Forum Site Poll

Which Instrumental Song Should Be The Interim Theme Song for HNIC Whenever When Those Bojacks at Bell Media Don’t Play The HNIC Theme Song?

Please select one of the following; however, you also have the option to ADD a pick via the following rules only for purposes of this Site Poll.

LISTEN to the instrumental for the song first and imagine the music behind the announcers talking as the night starts and back from many commercial breaks. Does it work for you?

You may not even know the song or not have heard it for a long time, so LISTEN!

Thank you again for your cooperation and participation in another exciting Site Poll.

Which Instrumental Song Should Be The Interim Theme Song for HNIC Whenever When Those Bojacks at Bell Media Don’t Play The HNIC Theme Song?

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Here are the Site Poll Strict Rules for the OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL PICK.

  • You also have the option, but not the obligation, AFTER making your pick to make an honourable mention of an INSTRUMENTAL SONG ONLY.

  • If you object or have any questions at all for this optional pick, there is too much doubt in your mind already, so you are hereby disqualified and NO PICK FOR YOU! Otherwise please read on.

  • The announcers are NOT talking over the vocals folks (minor backing vocals and various incomplete or brief sounds are okay), so not all songs will work instrumentally. Choose wisely or else. Pro Tip - LISTEN with some good speakers first.

  • Choose ONLY either a widely known artist or group, or please link to the song if it’s an obscure or relatively unknown instrumental in the year 2024. When in doubt, include the link please.

  • Any video game music or AI music is hereby banned from consideration (edited originals are okay that are not covers in any part or not significantly altered, such as some dance mix edition and so forth, unless released ALSO by the ORIGINAL artist), and any such suggestion shall make you also an automatic NO-GOOD GALOOT.

  • No covers UNLESS also a signed recording artist. Nope, that act at your local pub or on open mic night is not going to cut it. He don’t give a damn about no trumpet, playing band either.

  • All selected music must have been generated from a HUMAN artist only!

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My honourable mention


The reason you don’t hear the HNIC theme much is because it is owned by Bell/TSN and they don’t have the main rights to NHL games. Rogers/Sportsnet has the rights they grossly overpaid for and the majority of NHL broadcasts, with a small tip of the hat to CBC on Saturdays.

TSN has local broadcast rights in Winnipeg, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa. Being in Winnipeg I am able to watch all Jets games on TSN for free, but the games for the other 3 teams are blacked out and presumably the reverse is true. The HNIC theme is heard at the start of Jets on TSN (as it is called) games and presumably in the other 3 markets as well.

I don’t know the details of the TSN rights but they are only local rights and are overridden frequently. Jets games are always on TSN 3 except when they are overridden, which always happens on Saturdays. Tonight the Jets play the late HNIC game in Vancouver so that game will appear on both CBC and one or more Sportsnet channels as TSN gets the boot for the night. Unlike the other stations TSN had their own dedicated broadcast team for all Jets games.

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Yeah when I look at the list quick glance some songs I shudder and some I dont know (interesting side note; one of the older songs I never even heard original of. I actually heard it via a sample/remix modern song from different artist)

It might be just the whole video game generation thing but I legit do prefer some of the EA Sports NHL theme songs more…

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Well that makes sense. I’m surprised you don’t even like ONE of the songs.

Sure they are all established and big hits, but 4 of the 7 of the were hits in this millennium and likely were playing when you were younger.

Each of the three others are from the 70s, 80s, or 90s.

Some have enjoyed a second wave of fame like many hit songs via streaming, including in particular “Can’t Hold Us” that is one of the few hit songs that makes the ONE BILLION views club on YouTube.

If you have not picked the one you like the most, have at it again.

And by all means, if you have a suggestion that you think would work with announcers talking over the theme song that is NOT a video game or AI production, have at it as well with preferably the link.

There are indeed an awfully lot of instrumentals of great songs that I found do not work, so it can take a few minutes to find one.


Oh I DID vote I never said I dislike them all lol


Thank you to all who have voted in our poll so far as well as for any additional recommendations after voting.

Also to be clear though I think many already figured, the proposed song need not be played necessarily from the start if it were the selected background instrumental.

Quite simply, any excerpt of a proposed instrumental could be used, which is common practice in media.

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Uh how how how how …

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