Site of Pan Am Games

Confederation Park does look quite enticing but the downtown revitilization is not something that should be passed upon. IF and I say IF we do win the right to play a role in Toronto 2015 the stadium should (in my opinion and many of my friends who are avid Ti-cats fans) that the best spot for the new stadium would be either downtown due to it's ease to get to, the public transit is great, and on a summer day whats a 30 min walk in my Cats gear to a nice big new stadium downtown. The other site would be Confederation Park. The scenery would be incredible, for the people who say that the airport would be a great site because of the close proximity to the 403 to those people I ask them to try this crazy new "highway" that opened recently called the Red Hill Pkwy all you would do is jump on the Linc from either direction of the 403 from there its a 4-5 min drive (on an ideal day) to the Red Hill and from there another 8-9 mins to the QEW, and again the public transit is great you can literally get to and from anywhere in Hamilton on 2 buses 45 mins, and maybe a 10 min walk. Confederation Park or Downtown are the 2 best places, just imagine if one day Gary Bettman woke up and put a franchise in Hamilton how a reinvigorated Copps would look with a nice big new stadium and H.O.F. right down the street. My grandmother who passed away on new years, rest her soul, always talked about how the downtown was when she was a little girl, how they would take the H.S.R. down to Eaton's or one of the many department stores and do some shopping, and go to the farmers market and get some fresh produce or meat. Stuff like that doesnt happen anymore there's hardly any reasons to go downtown, mind you our night life is improving. I just see downtown now and it's disgusting I'm proud to live in Hamilton I think all the different components (the bay, the escarpment, most of the people) all make this city a nice place to live majority of the time I can't stand going downtown and seeing the filth that'd around we need to revitilize our city be proud to the a Hamiltonian people.

Score One for T.O. 2015 bid

Pan Am contenders no-shows for
presentations to voting delegates

John Kernaghan

Jan 16 2009 The Hamilton Spectator

Toronto 2015's Pan Am bid scored a shutout last weekend.

[i]The bid's international competitors for the 5,000-athlete showcase
failed to take advantage of a prime lobbying opportunity

before the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC).[/i]

Bid president Jagoda Pike said Canada's delegation
had exclusive time at the group's general assembly,

which includes about half of the delegates
who will vote for the host city later this year.

"We were the only ones to present," said Pike
of the meeting of CANOC in Curacao.

Pan Am contenders Lima, Peru and Bogota, Colombia
were invited to make presentations to 25 countries,

about 20 of them members of the Pan American Sports
Organization (PASO) which will award the 2015 Games.

"They told me they were coming," explained CANOC
chairperson Steve Stoute, "but they didn't show up."

He estimated around 40 delegates, about half
of the 80 PASO votes, heard the Toronto 2015 pitch

on behalf of Hamilton and other Golden Horseshoe municipalities.

[i]Stoute said the only plausible reason for the absence
of the two South American contenders is that

"they think everyone in the Caribbean will vote for Canada."[/i]

Pike said her delegation was able to get lots
of lobbying in, noting "we were very well received."

Hamilton's Dr. Gene Sutton, who was Canada's
chef de mission at the 2003 Pan Ams,

called the no-shows a big surprise.

"The Caribbean vote is critical," she said.

Chris Rudge, CEO of the Canadian Olympic Committee,
attended the CANOC meetings and stressed

"opportunities like this to directly speak to and share ideas
with voting delegates don't come around that often."

But, he pointed out, Canada's bid through Toronto 2015
can't worry about what the opposition is doing.

"We've got to focus on our own bid
and I think we're in pretty good shape."

The Toronto 2015 delegation was building on
Canadian strength in the Caribbean

at the CANOC assembly.

The Canadian Olympic Committee and Commonwealth Games Canada
run sports and development programs throughout the region.

Canada will press its advantage further in July
when the first Caribbean Games are held in Trinidad.

A combination of federal and provincial organizations will help with
accreditation technology and volunteer programs for the inaugural competition.

The Pan Am Games have not been in North America
since the 1999 showcase in Winnipeg.

They will be staged in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 2011, following the
2007 Games in Rio and 2003 events in the Dominican Republic.

The competing cities must submit bid books by April 30
with site evaluations in the spring and a vote sometime next fall.

Ken Peters' blog tonight suggests another possible site for the 2015 Pan Am Stadium...Burlington!

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There will be around 30-40 sites discussed when all is said and done, from Grimsby to Oakville to Caledonia. :roll:

A Confederation Park location isn't the right one IMO. While it would be aesthetically pleasing and nice to have a stadium close to the lake, the biggest negative I see (aside from the loss of parkland) is transportation access.

Before you laugh, and say "but it's so close to major highways", take a good look at a map and think about it. Current access comes directly off of the 2 lane North Service/Van Wagners Beach Rd., and while Centennial Parkway could be extended a bit into the park, that's still not a lot of capacity for stadium traffic. Would the city or province widen the roads to help traffic for 10 games and an indeterminate number of events a year?

The Centennial Parkway interchange offers the only immediate access to the QEW - Fruitland Rd is the next option 5km to the east, the ramp at the end of Van Wagners is about 2km northwest. There is little to no room to create new accessways or ramps. You can't get directly from the Red Hill Parkway to the park. You can't get directly from Burlington St. to the park. So while coming into the park might be a relatively calm experience as people arrive at a measured rate, everyone leaving at once would make getting out a congestion nightmare.

Ivor Wynne works fairly well from a transportation standpoint: there are multiple routes along each of 4 directions to get out of the area. And yet there are still traffic problems at some spots. It's also near several bus routes. Confederation is currently on one seasonal route and the Parkdale 11 further down along Beach Blvd.

There are other issues I see as well. Is there really enough parking there, what are the alternatives, and how long a walk are they? 83 ha seems like a lot of space, but remember it's spread fairly narrowly between the lake and the highway, so the geography of the park limits access and also the footprint for a basic stadium, let alone a multi-use facility (much of that 83 ha is wetland or too close to the water to build something of this scale). There is really no business in the area to take advantage of any stadium-related traffic - this may change when the power centre is built at QEW and Centennial, but that's still going to be a limited quantity and it's restaurants and bars that would capture the most new business, not a Walmart or a Tommy Hilfiger outlet.

There will be no perfect site, but I agree that downtown or west harbour are the ideal ones from a variety of perspectives. Transportation is a biggie to me (could you guess? :wink: ) and especially public transit access both current and future, but the opportunity to make this a cornerstone of urban change in the centre of the city is a very important - and probably the most important - reason as well.

It appears there are others interested if our brilliant City Councel screws this up. This is our one and only shot people geta your head on straight,
8) If there is any city capable of screwing this up, and who undoubtedly will, it is the city of Hamilton !!
  The bafoons running Hamilton City Hall couldn't organize or agree on a one horse funeral, if it was left to their expert decision making !!

   I sure like the sounds of Burlington getting the stadium  !!!!!      <!-- s:P -->:P<!-- s:P -->

According to the papers today the stadium could go to Mississauga! With the city bickering over sites the games committee may just say "we can't wait any longer" and locate to another city.

Missisauga wouldn't be that bad, it's easy to get to from Hamilton and not too long to get there on the 407 or QEW. The Tiger-Cats could save a lot of money by sharing with the Argos.
It could be like the two New York NFL teams sharing a stadium in New Jersey.

That is insane our identity would be lost and so the team

Well, that's the way the world works I'm afraid. When people in high level positions that are presumably very intelligent and well connected can't get their act together, the act goes someplace else or stops acting altogether.

The classic definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results (Albert Einstein).

Hamilton City Council defines insanity and Hamilton, even though suffering, manages to survive as it does in spite of Council, not because of it.

IMO, when entering a place of political power (City Hall, Queen's Park, Parliament Hill, etc) , all politicians must check common sense and their brains at the door. How else to explain their totally asinine and unbelievable behaviour at all levels?

Once again, I fear Hamilton will commit it's unique but habitual hari-kiri and the City will be worse off for it.

What a shame but not unexpected :frowning:

We should all contact our Council Person and express our opinion before it's too late.


I continue to like the Airport Property. One of the arguments against this site was the fact that it was a bit out of the way. I completely disagree with that theory. The property in question is NORTH of the airport and not more than one or two kilometers from Rymal Road. The land in question is the most assessable of all the sites mentioned and from ALL DIRECTIONS.

This site is close to numerous restaurants on Upper James, including Filthy McNasty's where the 5th quarter is staged. It is completely brown field, so the "Green Team" supporters shouldn't be offended. The Hamilton street Railway is within a kilometer of the proposed property, with the Linc being within 4 kms.

City Council has been debating for the past couple of years on how this land could be best used. Well, what could be better than a new stadium with all its associated amenities to start the ball rolling in this area. There would still be plenty of room for light industry and other business ventures here. An added attraction would be that there are no roads to reroute, nothing to demolish, the land is generally flat and makes for fairly easy construction of any and all business ventures. There is no chance here of foul odours or severe traffic tie ups.

Some of the spin off business from having a stadium, velodrome and swimming facilities in this area would be an eventual gold mine to Hamilton.

If our city council allows our stadium (which is part of Hamilton's most prominent features because it is the home of the Hamilton Tiger Cats) to relocate outside this city (Hamilton) it would be down right criminal. And yet, that is one of the items up for discussion at today's city council meetings.

The Tiger Cats are an integral part of Hamilton and if they go anywhere but here, I'll give up on this team and city council.

Perhaps some of you heard Sam Merulla on CHML this morning as Merulla (the grand stander) argued with Bill Kelly, not over where a new stadium site should be, but the idea of leaving the Ti-Cats at Ivor Wynne Stadium. Merulla says we need the money for infrastructure and Kelly argues that we have the chance of a life time here to use the $300,000,000.00 dollars (approximately) we would receive from the Feds and Queen's Park, which leaves us with only a third of the cost to put these facilities in place.

Merulla wants to take the easy way out and continue to refurbish, reconstruct and possibly place lives at risk by leaving Hamiltonians stuck in a structure which will eventually be condemned anyway. Kelly argued vehemently and valiantly with this character who pretends to be a councilor that the upkeep of IWs would go up each year as it continues to deteriorate. Of course, if Sam were doing his homework, he'd KNOW that a couple of engineering firms have already pointed this out. Where has Sam Merulla been while all the talks about stadium deterioration and the need to replace it were taking place?

Oh, did I say, "I favour the Airport Property???

CHML presently has a poll asking if Hamilton should pull out of the 2015 Pan Am Games. Oddly, 60% say yes.

Sam Merulla has to be the most incompetent councillor in Hamilton City Council, and that says a lot. All he is doing is delaying a decesion because he does not want the Tiger-Cats to leave his area and watch it deteriorate any more. Do not get me wrong, I love Ivor Wynne and the atmosphere of game day, but I think that we will all agree that it is time to move on and let the old girl rest. Do not let self involved, politicians that are just trying to get re-elected squander this potential oppurtunity for the city.

Sure Murellas district may loose some revenues and pedestrian traffic but there are many more areas of the city that need this support as well. If a new stadium is constructed maybe more concerts and other events could be held there instead 20 or so football and soccer games a year.

Murella should look at this at a city stand point and not just for his voting constitutents. ALL OF HAMILTON NEEDS THIS. How many times is City Hall going to drop the ball?

Unfortunately, and I hate to say this as a proud Hamiltonian, some of what goes on in this city (in council and in the minds of some citizens) is proof that the infamous air pollution we have does indeed cause serious brain damage. Partial proof of that is in the councillors that keep getting elected time after time.

Somehow we continually shoot ourselves in the foot (or head, but no further damage could be done there).

Re the airport site, unlikely as the so-called "Citizens for Progressive Development" (?) (ie Chicken Littles and naysayers) will likely shoot that down quickly, as was Confederation Park.


60 % say Hamilton should pullout of the Pan-Am bid? Hmmm, well one thing I can say if there are no TiCats in this area - Hamilton, Burlington, close by sort of thing - by the time I retire in around 10-15 years, it'll make it very easy to move from the area since we don't have family here anyway. Great area, great trails, biking, hiking, waterfront but hey, I'm a big CFL fan and want to retire in a city that sees something along the same lines I do for entertainment, and CFL football is big for me. But hey, it's Hamilton's choice, not much joeblow me can do about what city council decides.

If Hamilton does not get a new Stadium, Bob Young will move the Tiger-Cats to another city. The city that gets the new stadium in Southern Ontario.
Ivor Wynne is in need of major repairs, and Bob Young deserves a new stadium after being the saviour of the Tiger-Cats. The time is now for city council to step up or they will lose there chance for funding from federal and provincial government, This oppurtunity comes once every 100 years. The time is now, the city will benefit greatly,the fans of Hamilton deserve it. HAMILTON IS DUE !!

Now I hope Hamilton city council wakes up or they will lose the Tiger-Cats!!

My guess, just guessing, that the only way to convince enough people that this is right for Hamilton is all about brownfields, cleaning up a part of the city that needs it that is close to downtown. West harbourfront will be the only way to make it happen I think despite some of the said drawbacks like parking and upgrading roads and sewers and that.