site no worky on Linux??

Hey I was working on a Linux box at university and I tried browsing this site with Mozilla. The site would load but then kinda stop mid load, so no pictures or options or anything. Is this a true problem, or some wierd occurence. Hopefully it doesn’t happen a lot cause I work on those computers a lot, and is a good way to break the monotony of class

it might just be the linux version, but i suggest just abandoning linux all together. i’ve had a few of them on my computer, and they had glitches. just stick with windows or whatever you had before ( even thoough windows is crap ) , or it just might’ve been the site having problems again.

I only use linux - using it right now with Firefox to view the site. Works fine for me.

Dude - there is absolutely nothing “glitchy” about viewing this site with linux … I’ve cruised this site on multiple linux distro’s, OpenBSD & Solaris with multiple different browsers … they all work. Typically when a user finds “glitches” in linux … its because they don’t know what the hell they are doing, or are too lazy to determine the cause and fix it. Never recomend someone to drop linux in favor of windows … ever.

haha. Eskimos32001 way to show your age. I know how to use Unix, I am just reporting an issue that occured for me, and was asking if it was an issue for others. UNIX is far superior to Windows in many many many many many many …options, The only place it isn’t as good is for dumb people to just jump on and go. Which iis fine with me, I don’t need to go with the staus quo. My question was to the people that run this site and to others that run linuz, but you had to voice your opinion and get that spam total closer to 100 hey.
I will try again this afternoon at school. Coud be the version of Mozilla, as I believe they have the old one on there, but not sure

The internet cafe I run at ticats games is all linux… and the users don’t seem to have too many issues… admittedly - we have support people right there. Heh, not hard to find techies that are allowed to drink beer and watch a football game at field level whil doing tech support. :wink:

Check the version and let us know.

Ron forgot to direct you to photos we took at his Inernet cafe at Ivor Wynne last year…there are two pages…Even Pinball came to visit and surf “” before the Labour Day Game :wink: …Pretty Cool Cafe’ eh?..

click here for photos of internet cafe

well…fine, but i still hate linux. and by the way i didnt load it on, and if not a techno whz, so i dont know how to fix errors. maybe thats ur problem. im using windows and the speed for this website is fine, and ur using linux, and urs are crappin out on you.

Hey, it’s a nice Internet café, but it got me wondering: Why the hell would you want to go surf the web when you are at a football game? Can’t your browsing wait a few hours?

An opened-roof stadium doesn’t look like a good place to stick to the computer.

is it only open on game days, or is it one of those businesses that runs in the stadiums?

Those are interesting questions actually. First off, the cafe was actually underneath the east end zone seats so there is a roof over it (although you can’t see that in the photos)…it never rained once during any game anyways :wink:

The cafe is dismantled right after the final whistle and set up again before the next game.

And to answer your question as to why anyone would use it during a game?..Well, for those who didn’t go to a Tiger Cat game last year, it’s far more than a game…it’s an event!’s hard to describe unless you see it in person. In fact during that Labour Day game that all those photos were taken, a few Argos players.were tossed from the game so since the cafe was right beside their locker room, they came and sat in the cafe after they showered and were shaking their heads in disbelief at the atmosphere and circus-like activity at Ivor Wynne…they loved it and wished the Skydome was the same…by the way, it seems that everyone loves the new brand of football games…we broke all time attendance records at Ivor Wynne last year…come on and visit us for a game this year! won’t regret it!


You also are right at field level if you’re in the internet cafe…

i checked it again today, and I tried both mozilla and mozila firefox. both wouldn’t really work
I also tried Konqueror, which kinda work but kept giving an error that it lost connection to the site. Must be the lab or something.
oh and the version of mozilla was 1.7.2 i think