Site Layout

Love the new layout for the homepage, everything looks crisp and clean. I was complaining about a few things on the site the other day so seeing that they are putting an effort into keeping everything updated and current is real nice.

Oh n they also updated the cheerleaders section lol

It does look better.

8) The updated site looks good. However they need to fix the layout of the different topics on the New Stadium Section.
 You can't even read, or see the upper portions of the announcements, because of the colors blending together, and the 
  pictures and words blocking out almost all of the announcements !!!

might be your browser because that's not happening on mine.

I'm having the same issue!

Hey folks, if you're having rendering issues just PM me with a link to the page, and the browser you're using, and I'll make sure the development team gets a hold of it.


More importantly -- How about fixing the Depth Chart for this week's game.

Before the midday changes to the site, they put up yet another inaccurate chart --but more obviously so, this week, as there were only 6 NIP starters.

After the changes to the site, they're showing only 44 players on the chart with Means and Mahoney missing. At least with Means not there, they are showing 7 NIP starters for now.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :D

Or perhaps this is the actual reality of what happens with a CFL team and last minute decisions with the ratio's etc. Just wondering... :? Sort of a real chess game, can't just fly in some flippin burger NCAA guys from the States who didn't' catch on with the NFL at the last minute sort of thing. Just saying.

Which is cool actually if that's the case. :thup:

Finally a site design addressing and incorporating a fresher context for useage (I hated the previous site design). :thup:

It's a great look
the people at MRX are best at what they do ..