Site hacked ?

What the heck happen earlier ? When i try to open the forum and site, i had the BC Lions banner instead of the usual stuff...

I could not get on at all

.......a ploy by the over-zealous BC Lions website manager who wouldn't stop at just posting stupid polls and now wants to take over the CFL?......... was experiencing web server issues Thursday July 4, 2005 from 11:15am est until 2:30pm est.

A file was uploaded to the incorrect directory. This caused a large number of database requests and caused the server to fail.

The file has been corrected and the issue has been resolved.

Thanks for your patience during this outage.

......geez, I actually got some work done around the office here.......

thanks for the info CM

Thanks for letting us know.
Problem is that I had sooooooo much to say between 11:15 and 2:30 and now I forget what it was. :lol: were preparing a fillibuster on the merits of the stampeders.........

Isn't it sad when you have to lower yourself to such activities.

Hey, at least I have a football game to attend to tonight, so there's still something rejoicing in my day.