Site Getting Weak..

well, its bin awhile since theres been any news from the ticats.. everything is kinda hush hush..? the sites kinda boring now with no no videos. nothing new to read.. not much in general.. i use to be on this website like all day! now i come on n glance n its bin like 5 days now n its the same thing.. boring.

yawn...another boring post....yawn

:twisted: :P

geez blitz21... clearly theres no ticat news.

if you were really the dedicated site member you claim to be, and were so focused on the entertainment value of this site why not do something about it??

like say, streaking though the downtown core wearing nothing but a ticat jersey. waving a sign that says something about ken peters...

you know... something most of us wouldn't do...

Not a lot of great news to post so seems like a wise decision to me.

it's only going to worst ..
Before it get's better ...
Once the head Coach is hired it will Pick up
then Once Free Agency is back it will be Fun

So for now Enjoy the Quiet it won't last For Ever

Bye weeks tend to be like that.

That should read BYE YEARS :roll:

We'll see what happens after the last game. Last year the off-season was fun here but the neighborhood has changed and people have different interests.

I agree that dropping by isn't anywhere near the priority that it used to be. Oh well...

Well, I haven't posted here a lot for a while...

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Oski Wee Wee,

The Cats had a bye week so there's no one's head to call for and no reffing to complain about... just wait SUNDAY is fastly approaching!!