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IE7 Works with XP......As will/does IE8

Not only is the website complete crap – now the riderville website is complete crap too. No wonder the stamps opted out of the crap. Too bad everybody else was stupid enough to buy into it. Useless, incompetent website designers ruining the entire cfl web network and turning everything into a load of crap.

Way to crap on the cfl’s image guys. Hoo Rah!

For some reason, I see this going badly.

At least for the CFL website, it can’t get much worse. I just don’t like the thought of the league handling all the teams when they can’t even seem to keep their own house in order.

I told you so — damn … I still feel like crap, surrounded in a mound of crap.

IE 7 and 8 are soooo slow, there is a reason many people haven't moved. This current format is pretty bad, and takes forever to load. This is definitely a step backwards, for people who want information fast.

possibly. but aesthetically it's an upgrade....not that the bar was previously set that high....with the glaring exception of that RIDICULOUS CFL logo on the homepage which looks like some blind person randomly pasted totally out of position without even bothering to resize to scale. Yes i keep complaining about this, but it jumps out and hits you in the face every time you login. For all the good work done on the home page and team sites let's take a right on the front of the main header and wreck an otherwise nice upgrade.

Please quit being so stubborn and fix the stupid logo size! there's an example of how to do it at the top of this forum page for god's sake. just look up there for a free guide ^^^^^^^

A five year old has better design sense than this. and yes i know, the moderators have nothing to do with these decisions. I'm addressing it to the administrators or whoever else is in charge of this place. end of rant.

I must be the only person who doesn't have any issues with speed or images loading...and I'm using IE8

I agree the loss of the attendance info per game is sad to lose, especially being a gate driven league thats just as important as the score.

For a suggestion Id like to see the CFL take an interest in the art of the Grey Cup Logos, with each Grey Cup game to also add the logo that was for that year, not sure when it started but if anybody would have records of that I was think it would be the CFL itself.

Seems when the game is over the logo art itself is lost and forgotten which is too bad

like this

I have the same problem I use Firefox as well. I actually didnt notice that you could scroll down further cause I can barely make out the text.

To me, not an improvement. No printer friendly; no game attendance; 2009 statistics? You wonder where the "designers" of this site come from. What a lousy way to spend money. OK if for the best,no if for way worse.


  1. There needs to be a way to resend your username and password when you just know your e-mail account (For the Forum)

  2. It would be kind of interesting to know some information about the officials, not necessarly where they are from but which officials team they work on, what there other occupation is, how long they have been officiating etc. I know the focus is on the teams playing, but it would be interesting to find out what they do in their other job, be it a teacher or a lawyer. I think it would also give the officials crew some face time as they (other than the referee) are typically never noticed.

What do you click on to get back to the main CFL page from the forum

I love the new videos that are being posted almost everyday. It would be great if they could be embedded on websites/blogs or linked to with social bookmarks. For example, I'd like to post the Stevie Baggs and Omarr Morgan on my Facebook page and embed them in my blog.

Also, will weekly hi-lites of each game be posted to YouTube again?

Okay, this may seem like a dumb questions -- but, the fact that I'm asking it says something.

Where the hell are the scores!?!?

I surfed around a mad, and posted this.

Just want to see the boxscores and attendances from previous games. Can't find it.

Just something I'd like to see on the header (where the Canadian flag was for Week One), how about updating it with a picture of something related to the previous week.
ie. Week two would have an image of say an image from the Riders/Lions game.
It's better than the plain grey that it currently up there.

If you go to schedule and click on the date of the game you'd like more info on, there is game stats and game recap.
No attendances as far as I can see though.

The site is friggin' crap. Please go back to the old one. This is absolutely terrible, awful, useless, ridiculous, crap.

I have to come here to the forum to be able to search and find anything -- but the search feature doesn't work anymore.

Who decided that this crap was a good idea? That person needs to be fired over this crap. Then we need to get rid of this crap.

I would like to see printer-friendly roster lists. Now you get the roster information all over the document because of the ads and other promotional stuff.



No reply to moving stickies to the announcement section. Better yet create a section to move them to.

Good idea. It would be handy to have a printer friendly option especially for the depth charts.

When will the site be fixed so that those thousands of us who are still using IE6 (& can't upgrade to IE7 as we are using 2000 software) can use & fully see the site?? I'm referring to the Riderville site also - since they are all connected now.

I understand that the site change went live July 1. Today is July 8. You would think that 1 week would be sufficient time to fix the problem.

I also wouldn't classify the site not working properly with IE6 as a bug. I believe that it's a HUGE mistake. Why would the site have gone live without proper testing to ensure that it worked with IE6? For that matter, why did it go live without proper testing period? I still can't view the website properly & I've been given this link by someone else as I can't see it or access it on your website. So how many others can't give you feedback because they can't see the link??? I would suggest that there are thousands of us.

Again - when will it be fixed?? You would think that a firm whose business is websites would:
a) not have designed a website that doesn't work with IE6
b) would have fixed their mistake long before a week has passed

Whatever the CFL & the teams are paying to the firm who is in charge is way too much!!!

And linking the CFL sites & the teams was, in my opinion, a crazy idea as now we can't access the CFL or our team's (Riderville) website. Way to go - shut us out from both at the same time!!

PS: When I phoned the Riders last Thursday (July 2) I was told the problem would be fixed by either late Thursday or Friday. It's now July 8 & the problem is still there.

A response as to when it will be fixed would be appreciated!!!

A very frustrated Rider/CFL fan.

But – they added that link on the top of the screen, so you can go upgrade to IE8 – isn’t that all you need?

Bunch of friggin’ crap made by crappy people to deliver a crappy product and further dump on our crappy reputation as a league.

If you hadn’t guessed yet, my feedback is that your “upgrade” is complete crap. I want the old crap back. It was pathetic, slow, and terrible, but at least it worked.