Site Feedback

Please post feedback and suggestions about the website.

I like it, it seems a lot cleaner and easier to find stuff.

The angled divider lines between the top level items in the main navigation bar result in targets that are harder to aquire with the mouse than they should be. The points of the acute triangles at the lower left and upper right of each item are unnecessarily small targets (see Fitts’ law). Simple rectangular divisions would be easier and less confusing.

To further the confusion, in Firefox 3, the visual representation of the diagonal dividing lines appears not to match the underlying implementation of the targets. If a user slowly pans the mouse across the vertical centerline of the text of the items in the main navigation bar, the response of each item to the mouse hover doesn’t match the diagonal lines and also doesn’t match the reasonable assumption that the division between two items would be either on the dividing line, or at the horizontal midpoint of the whitespace between the end of the text label of one item and the beginning of the text label of the next.

Upon further inspection, it seems that each actual division lies on an invisible vertical line projected up from the intersection of the diagonal divider line and the bottom of the navigation bar. Simple rectangular divisions, or at least divisions where the dividing lines correspond accurately to the bounds of the interactive behavior, would produce a much better experience for the user.

I really like the new look. Not sure if it's because of the hour I'm on, but I find things load much faster. Videos, images and just going from page to page.

I posted this already but in the wrong spot. here's the cut n paste:

home page and new team sites look very nice. i'm glad you were able to get this launch in for opening day.

why isn't calgary on the network though? it seems as if they're the only ones without a network/team bar at the top of their page.

are you planning on updating the forum page as well to match the new homepage?

the cfl logo on the homepage could also use a bit of shrinkage to fit within the upper banner. did the same thing with their logo on the latest launch but soon re-sized it to appear more in proportion. it's a small complaint but it throws off the look of an otherwise great looking new home page :wink:

overall, some impressive looking design changes here! Happy Canada Day!

Did you check your site against IE6, 128bit? That's what our default browser is at my office and your header is completel y screwed up - the CFL logo has dropped down and the 'Video', 'Schedule' etc links are inset from the left hand margin - I'm sure it's a great improvement but not from where I sit....

Good start so far. Will report if I notice something could be improved!!!

resize the homepage logo please. otherwise, the improvements ( and team sites) look amazing.

Just started to look at everything but what I see so far looks great.
I am, however, having trouble locating the CFL Liveplay link.

why isn't it in widescreen format?



Real Answer:
Because people are still using 8+ year old technology to browse the web.

Doodler57 - we (MRX) will be looking at the sites in IE6.

I like it for the most part. Only question is this. The front page sections are light grey with white lettering when I use my firefox browser but they are fine when I use IE8. Has anyone tested the site for firefox compatibility or is IE the only focus?

That was an incredibly fast fix. Thank you!!!

Still don't like all the stickies at the top of the 'topics' section, why not put them in the announcements frame where they are out of the way of those browsing the topics but still there for the few who bother to read them.

The attendance figures are no longer available.

Still wish there were more details about CFL rules that are not game day things. As an example details on the ratio, not just the total for the teams, but how they work on game day and how they are monitored. Or how about the practice roster, I have been told that in addition to the 7 players an 8th junior is allowed. How about the black out rules?

btw, are you guys also doing the Riders website? It changed to this format, but now it is not possible to access the alliance section, well not totally true, just that the link takes you to an American minor league baseball team.....

One thing I noticed is not on the site anymore, is the attendance for the games.
Under the schedule, attendances use to be posted.
Not a huge deal but I liked to see what the numbers were.

The site, is almost unuable on IE6. What browsers is it best viewed with?

Chalk me up as another dissatisfied IE6 user.

Last I checked, IE7 was only available on vista, and anybody with a clue had already backdated to windows XP and IE6.

Then remove all the frills, and garbage, and crap -- and throw away your fancy web design programs ( that are all crap ) and sit down and write some html, to deliver the content that people are actually looking for.

Instead of this crap.

AKA: slow, garbage, crap, doesn't work, lame, terrible, junk, crap, useless, waste of time and energy, fancy crap that sucks, stupid crap that slows everything down, I can't believe they paid somebody to come up with this crap, can we get the old one back instead of this crap kind of crap.

I too find the site completely unreadable ... I can't find ANYTHING ... good thing I've got this forum bookmarked or I couldn't find it!

The old site was fine! the new site takes AGES to load and puts everything at teh bottom of the page with lots of junk at top and no nav bar that I can see.