Site downtime

We had a server crash hard late last night and the failover… failed to fail over. :slight_smile:

In any case, things should be working tickety-boo now.

I find that the site slows down when there are a lot of unregistered users here, especially if there are over 1000+.. my question is can the site be improved to handle that many users being here without slowing it down any?

my guess it that there were to many Rider priders on and it crash :stuck_out_tongue: or this site is maintain in Calgary and they couldnt handle all the all the harassment they were goin to get that night and decided to just turn the site off jk :lol:

The 'Rider fans took over the internet last night after their victory. Simple as that! :lol:

It's something new in Sask; they're loving it from what I hear. :wink:

Glad to see the site back up and running. I tried coming here after the game and had no luck. :lol: