Site blackout?

Is it me or is the site suddenly...classique? LOL

Nice dramatic touch on the black-and-white look although it through me for a loop there.

Good omen: the fat lady has yet to sing on my block, although the drunk bellowing from his balcony across the street at nothing in particular is actually doing a good job of channeling Doug Brown's inner punk. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

I beat you to in in the blackout thread Russ :stuck_out_tongue:...there are a few faults, but it does seem to get you in the mood for tonights game! Lets go boys!

no kidding i thought it was my comp at first it took me a few minutes to get it.

The black out begins!

Very cool!

For a moment I thought the monitor on my computer at work had lost all its colour. HAHA