Sit mass down now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice shovel pass????????????

This guy should be done for the rest of the year.

No words can say how pissed i am watching this crap again and again and again

i feel the same way but looks ot be getting better

CBC just showed George Hudson tuning up and giving Maas a piece of his mind after another failed attempt to score in the red zone

Mass's response was we have got six points what are you complaining about.

I agree with George...

Bring back Joe

actually thats not how it went but close, MAAS was giving him crap because Hudson wanted MAAS to run the ball and MAAS was just saying that we only have six points on the board he could run the ball because of the o line

I didn't quite hear all that, though I know that Maas said something about six points. Now the CBC panel is saying it's not that big a deal and not too much could be read into it. Actually, Frers is suggesting the "offense by committee" is a problem.

Why dont we give Richie Williams a shot,If were playing for next year give him a shot,he might be a star.
If Maas is hurt lets sit him down,we already know Eakin cant get the job done....

Maas has shown that while he talks the talk, he sure can't walk the walk.


Whats the excuse this week Jason

Face it you are not gettin it done

Your gone

See ya

Most quarterbacks Know when the pocket collapses you get out of there,but Maas just stands there like a fool waiting to get sacked.
If he starts next week this team is a bigger joke than I thought....

Yep Maas needs to develop a sense of the pocket closing and start moving a lot earlier. That pulled groin slows him down and affects his long passes.

I see yet another underthrown pass to a wide open receiver!

Bingo! - you don't run a proffesional football team in this manner. Maas is strugling but has had no support from the coaching this year.

Thanks LEO1 and Defence_Rules, for saying something that makes sense.

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Can these people not see the progress
in the Ticats and Maas since Paopao left?

I saw a guy fumle the ball in scoring position and i saw a obvious pass interferance penalty NOT called that would of got us the win !!!!!