Sit Getzlaf

I still believe he is a great receiver I just think he needs to sit for a game and calm down. He is trying to do to much! Every drop this year he has been looking up the field before the ball is in his hands. I believe its this that is causes a lot of his offsides (he has quite a few not only last game but all year) and even his illegal blocks and what not. Since Fantuz left last year he has been thrust into a roll where I believe he feels he has to emulate what Fantuz was to us.

He had the same problem the first half of the year last year! Do remember that he picked it up after Fandy came back. Sure Fantuz got injured but I think it took so stress off of his shoulders. I think he needs to just relax a bit. I think sitting for a game could do this.

Coach has sat others and they come back hungry, if it wasn't for injuries right now I'd sit him a game. Best would have been a game against the bombers, a weak team. He's had 10 games to work this out, sitting might be the best thing that could happen to him. It won't happen now though.