Sit Getzlaf

At the Banjo bowl, Getz single handily cost the team major points. Called back TD, not getting back to the ball caused interception, poor catches and off side couple times.

This guy needs to be sat down, period. He has been brutual all year long.

He is still very clutch on 2nd down, just look at the number of 2nd down conversions he has. That call in the end zone was completly BS imo as there have been worse "picks" that arent generally called.

I agree Getz needs to ride the pine for a game or two.. he is having trouble this year, drops and offsides are all starting to pile wayy up. I can't entirely blame that penalty on him on the McHenry TD, It was a called pick play I believe and he just made it to obvious.
But yea he needs to just sit out a few games clear his head then come back.. He is playing way ahead of the play, every time he drops the ball you can see him looking up field before he secures it. I think the same thing is happening on offsides. He is trying to do to much.

The TD penalty I say was his fault. It was a called pick and he didn't even try to sell it. It was a penalty the way he ran it. The off sides were brutual. It's loud do what every one else does and watch the snap! Key situations and he pulls these rookie moves, horrible!

I have not been impressed with him this year. We sat Fantuz and it helped him.

I agree he is having an off year, but again look at the production on 2nd down. Also, there is the whole ratio thing as well. Say we did bench him. Who starts in his place? McHenry went down, and we dont know his status.

agree...He is clutch on 2nd (I believe I heard he is #1 in the league for 2nd down conversions via pass/catch)...but drops a few. he has been bad with the off sides, but today I will say it was timing with Willy in. He has been called for illegal blocks several times, and needs to work on that a bit.

He is frustrating in play this year, but according to broadcast staff is on track for a career year ... so,, I dont get it it.. and now with potential of Dressler being hurt,, there's no way makes sense to sit him dpwn,, at least not right now

Injuries probably dictate that he will have to play but he played better after being boo'd at the LDC. He deserves a benching. Foster is doing a much better job at getting open and he is a rookie. I don't put much faith in projections until the season is over.

I agree Getz does not seem to be putting in the effort this year and I don't know why. I also agree that he never makes an effort to interrupt an interception but just sits back and lets the DB take the ball. But what are we going to do? He does have flashes of brilliance but is nowhere near consistent enough to be our other "GO TO GUY." Maybe Greg Carr will become that guy. If Dress is off for a while we could have lots of problems offensively although Jock Sanders is turning out to be a real find and wonderful addition to offense and special teams. Maybe we can trade Getz to Hamilton to get Fantuz back - I think he may be rethinking his decision to go to Hamilton given the lack of passes he has had from Burris - He definitely isn't the hero he was with the Riders.

Getzlaf just needs to get his groove back abit, all players have slumps, this could be Willis or Durant or a few other's as a heading! As a pro or anybody you go thru ups and downs, he's a pro, watch the next 5-6 games see if you think the same way.

Look for a parallel situation. Tristan Jackson was really bad in the Calgary game. Let punts drop instead of catching them. He messed up a single point situation. He had a bad outing. Enter Sanders and Tristand is now sitting.

Coach has been pretty obvious about having depth so that things don't go bad when things change in lineup - injury, bad play, a chance to improve.

But they can't sit Getz. With McHenry down they are depleted at the non-impot receiver spot. Add in a injury to Dressler and it is time for Getz to stepup. He'll get a tongue lashing for sure...............but he won;t get demoted.

Offisdes, not competing back to the ball, drops...........I agree.

But he had a good labour day game. In the Stamps game he had one early drop but rebounded after that. Followed that up by playing a good labour day game. No drops yesterday but he was terrible on that pick play and he has to stay onside. I think those are fixable, and fast fixes. His drops have not been apparent for 2 games so I like to think this is gone bye bye. This recipe leades me to think he's going to wrestle the bull and he'll have some big games coming up.

But they cannot sit him down because they don;t have the depth. Sisco, Bagg, McHenry...............not happening.

I agree the guy has had a bad season, seems to catch a ball now, if this slump he is in continues then maybe sit him for a game or part of one, time will tell.

Can't sit him. We need a Canadian out there for the ratio. Work with him. He needs some confidence built up.

Do the Riders have a Sport Psychologist on staff?

I know Miller's wife helped Milo last year. Anybody know Miller's phone number? :lol:

I am kidding btw

He just needs some confidence back.


In my opinion, humble or otherwise, the notion of sitting Getzlaf is utterly ridiculous.

570 yds / 10 games * 18 games = on pace for 1026 yds.

He has a really unorthodox / goofy way of catching the ball, which I think leads to his stretches where he can't catch a cold. When he's on his game he's one of the best non imports in the game, unfortunately he's very streaky. We don't have a better non import we can throw out there, so unless we want to screw the ratio up real bad, he's not going anywhere.

There are very short sighted people. Unless things get ridiculous you put your best guys out there Getzlaf is a proven receiver. To many band wagon fans, I see no terrible riders atm, not like Nick Graham, yeesh! James Patrick was not on his game in Winnepeg, would you sit him, doubter's! Pump them up, don't put them down, I personally think Getzlaf is a above average receiver period.

Yes he has done that, just not consistent every game. I also said he has been holding on to the ball of late also!!
But he is not playing like he has in the past, that seems to be the concern here.

:roll: :D :roll:

Lets back the guy rather than bench him.Talk of trading is also OTT.We are back to .500 and looking up so get behind Getzlaf as other players will be looking at the way we "FANS"behave when players have a rough patch and think will they too be subjected to the same if and when they hit a bump in the road.

I think 1026 would be a career high.

Fantuz has 35 catches for 493 yards and 3 TDs.

Durie has 46 catches for 518 and 1 TD.

Getzlaf has 40 catches for 570 yards and 2 TDs.

Getzlaf is the ONLY non-import in the top 10 in receiving yards (9th).

Stala and Giguere COMBINED have 43 catches for 619 yards and 2 TDs.