sit calvillo

put the backup quarterback in for the second half he's not moving the ball well

If the Alouttes put Brady or Greene in they have absolutely no chance. Calvillo has to stay in the ball game.

calvillo break his arm b4 this game or something?

every pass is short, skipped and not spiralled at all.

he kept saying 'im sick of losing', and i said thats the wrong attitude.

Nealon would be worse; I'd think of putting Brady in but he's had no quality playing time this year.

i'd put Brady in also just to shake the tame up some

If Calvilo keeps up his poor play during his first few drives of the second half, it wouldn't hurt to put Brady in for a few series just to shake things up. It worked with the argos and bishop, who didn't have much playing time this year either.

A valid point, I admit..........

I agree with you. Calvillo is awful and he is throwing wobbly weak passes. His mechanics are awful!!!

could it be his last game for the Als.

calvillo's done....can't win the BIG GAME....had his throws been acurate or spirals, they might have had a chance.

I'm doubting whether or not the Als will opt to go with Calvillo again for next season. An aging veteran QB who has lost 4 of the 5 grey cups he's played in isn't all that attractive if a team is looking towards the future.