What an awful first half! It looked like he was being paid by the Esks!

2 and 10 and throwing 5 yard passes underneath. Brutal reads. Missed throws. All with great protection by his oline. As poor as he's played in his career.

If Wally comes back with him in the second half I think I'll throw up. :oops:

Jackson wasn't much better.

Sorry, but I think they should start Pierce in Edmonton. Jackson is a inaccurate long ball thrower.

Give the guy a brake, you must be Wally Buano in disguise. Buck has been nothing short of spectacular the previous Five wins. Have a little faith in your QB. It's hard enough playing the game, then throw in having to think if you have a bad half your going to sit. What the lions need to do, is have have faith in their Starting QB. If the lions arn't careful they might loose Buck next year. Oh and by the the secondary was the real problem, like they've been the whole year.