Sit Breaux

Coach Austin missed a perfect opportunity to send a message about penalties. When Delvin Breaux took that stupid selfish penalty and gave them seven points, Austin should of walked over to him and sent him to the showers. If your not a team player you don't sit with the team, And if I was coach he would not start the next game. Penalties are killing us' and you can only blame the zebras for so many. Oh and remind me why Kelly and Peach aren't Tiger Cats anymore.

agreed and while we're at it. we should sit the OC and DC for crappy play calling at the end of that game.

Not just Breaux that was a team collapse last night, the O-Line had too many penalties for off-side or holding whatever, many good plays and catches that were brought back because of stupid penalties. I agree with TSN the Cats were flat as a tire last night, no life whatsoever, the Bombers controlled much of the game, we had a good third quarter and looked like we were going to pull out a win but got beat by the better team, this stuff happens a lot in Hamilton we should be used to losing by now?

yah we should :oops: I blame the off season though, we wouldn't forget if they played all year long. :twisted:

I don't know if I would sit a guy like Breaux, but the point is well made. Off side, holding, no yards, those are brain fart penalties. What Breaux did was utterly stupid and selfish. And, second game in a row with the exact same play and exact same penalty... Time for a locker room leader to step up and put him on track. Bulcke or Laurant should get on him.

I agree he should sit as well, at least for the remainder of the game. It wouldn't hurt any more to give a second string player some playing time if your starter is selfishly giving up yards, momentum and points.
That could have sent a clear message to the whole team that stupid selfish penalties will not be tolerated.

He had several , which one are you referring to?

How many selfish penalties were there in the game? I can only think of one - Breaux's UR. Dumb penalties resulting from a lack of focus (illegal procedure, offside). Penalties resulting from being beaten by a defender (holding, pass interference). The three no yards penalties were a direct result of two unexpectedly short punts and a weird bounce. And a couple of questionable penalties (PI by Gable and UR by Bowman). But no other selfish ones.

Anyway, I wouldn't have benched Breaux, one of our best DBs last night. Without him back there, would the team have been able to stop the Bomber offence as well as they did?

Catsfaninottawa states "Anyway, I wouldn't have benched Breaux, one of our best DBs last night. Without him back there, would the team have been able to stop the Bomber offence as well as they did?"

Oh you mean in the last 2 minutes when they went 95 yards and scored a touch down to win the game, with Breaux in the game on defence no less.

There was one ball that went his way on that entire drive, and King actually (should have) had a better shot at knocking it down. I'm thinking that's a pretty good indication that he had shut down his receiver, with that one exception.

The roughing penalty on Breaux was probably the most blatantly stupid, flagrant and totally preventable penalty I have seen in the CFL this season. It allowed the Bomber drive to continue resulting in seven points and contributed directly and needlessly to the loss.
If Austin cares at all about team discipline, there will need to be significant consequences for Breaux IMO.

Totally agreed on that. But benching him for it seems a bit counter-productive. How many passes did he prevent during the game, including stopping Willy from throwing his way?

Personally, if I were Austin, (and thank God I'm not :wink: ) I would have sat Breaux down for the remainder of that Winnipeg possession. The fact he committed the foul right in front of Austin (at the Cat bench) meant that (to me at least) he condoned Breaux' selfishness by doing nothing. If you can't be a team player you can't play on my team. Simple as that. 8)

How about Mike Filer for holding and ending a promising drive. We have enough problems replacing the injured players let alone the ones guilty of foolish penalty's.

In my opinion, he should have been taken out for the remainder of the game at minimum. Breaux drove the receiver several yards out of bounds and knew exactly what he was doing and exactly what the result (unnecessary roughness penalty) would be. He didn't care - he did it anyway for his own self-centered reasons.
IMO, this is much different than a holding call on an offensive lineman or a pass interference call on a defensive back. Those penalties were taken while trying to make a play to help the team win the game. Breaux's penalty was a needless and totally selfish act, without any regard for the damage caused to the team's chances. That clearly puts one individual's actions above the best interests of the team and crosses the line in terms of what should be tolerated by a coach without taking strong counter-action.
There are a handful of plays in a game that determine the outcome. That play was one of them. Austin needs to act on this if he's doing his job as head coach.

Breaux did the same selfish thing against Ottawa. He was also penalized. No touchdown that time.
Austin / Steinaur should have addressed that with Breaux in practice last week . Obviously they didn't.
Big mistake by Breaux but bigger mistake by the coaches.

First off, I'm a BIG Breaux Fan. Really want to see him succeed at the professional level.

Truthfully though, I think these two UR penalties are an example of a player who wants to get their "Highlight" - "Game Tape" in order in hope of getting an NFL tryout. We all know that the NFL is loading up on tall, athletic, shut-down corners. Delvin would be a fool to not think that he's that kind of guy that everyone in the NFL is looking to get.

I may be a little early and hopefully wrong, but I do believe Chip is playing a little bit too much for himself rather than the team.

But as far as sitting him? As much as I'd like to do it, the roster #''s just don't allow it. If you sit Delvin, who takes his spot? They didn't have another DB dressed on the 44.

Move Rico to corner & Harris to SAM? That works. But is that the best move when Wpg is in passing mode and not running mode? We all know Rico is better in coverage & Harris stouter against the run.

In the end, I'm all for sitting a player for various reasons. Whether to let them sit back and take it in and adjust or as penance for their play.

But this ain't the SEC where you can dress 100 players in home games and the difference between 1st & 3rd string is marginal.

I don't know what Breaux's motivation is to justify his self-centred style of play and I couldn't care less. You don't make personnel decisions and changes based on what you don't know - you make those decisions based on what you witness on game days and in practices. And since when do we excuse somebody for acting against the interests of his own team as he puts on a show for some NFL scout?

D'ya think???

So what would Austin have done if Breaux had been injured and taken out during the game? The fact is that multiple-offender Breaux clearly crossed the line by carelessly and knowingly damaging the team's chances of winning by taking the needless penalty - and you can be sure that others on the team are fully aware of it.
There comes a time when the greater good of the team trumps a single player's role - this is one of those times. If Austin does not do his job as head coach and act on this, it sends a very clear message to the rest of the team that certain players will be allowed to act with impunity regardless of how much it hurts the team. IMO, that is asking for trouble in terms of team moral and discipline.

You can bet the coach has already whispered sweet nothings in his ear. :twisted: :x

The time for Austin's man-to-man talk with Breaux has passed - that should have occurred before the Winnipeg game and apparently it had no effect. Something much more demonstrative is needed now.