Sister City Preseason Game

Something I just thought I'd float out there for the CFL to consider. Perhaps to generate regional interest amongst the various teams, they each play a pre-season game in a different nearby city. Something like Hamilton plays in London or Sask plays in Saskatoon. Your thoughts?

as long as there is a stadium. The Riders sold out their last few season preseason games. That is a nice lil extra chunk of revenue.

I have been calling for many years here on this board how there should be 3 pre season games for each team and with the standard two as now being home and away.
With the rub being how the third game is a neutral site game for each team. So there would be 4 neutral site games each year and that would enable the home team to develop their territory or with the league in showcasing a potential expansion city like Moncton or Saskatoon etc…
In essence, the 4 teams would rotate each successive years.

I agree with this idea. Although, I believe there would be some logistical problems. Especially playing games in smaller stadiums. It would be nice to see the Lions play an Exhibition game in Victoria or Montreal play in Quebec City for example.

I like the idea of 3 preseason games, but why not make each team play 1 in a host city EVERY year. There are a few cities that could easily host a game a year...Saskatoon, Red Deer, Penticton (or in that valley area somewhere), St John (I always thought Newfoundland could hold a franchise), Laval, Quebec city, Atlantic Moncton/Halifax. There would also be a few cities in the US that it might be a good idea to play the odd one in...Bismarck, Spokane, Great Falls, Fargo, Grand Forks, Minot...borderish cities that actually take interest in our game. We may gain a little more support for our beloved sport, and more interest in a bigger TV contract in the US....

On that note which the following is tied into, I puposely have laid off posting here and and other forums due to some folks lack of vision when I told of the upcoming 330 million dollar (at that time) renos to BC Place and the fact that the Lions were going to play in a temporary facility. All I head was your nuts and never, voila!!! I could go find the thread to prove my point but I have better things to do with my time. Back then when I heard this I did the research into temp stadiums and also forwarded my info to the league, don't worry I'm not taking credit for the idea they were already on it. I found out that the temp structures unlike Empire Field can have the cocessions and bathrooms built in to the structure and are guaranteed to last 10 years. There are many configs and also roof designs, but just so you know the basic horseshoe config alone costs $4 million to buy, now if you want seats like Empire has your talking $6 Million, again this is just to purchase the structure. Roofs or partial covers cost roughly about the same depending on design. So knowing these hard costs you can put one for $12 million structure cost, not including land costs anywhere in the country. If the 3 levels of government can work together on the land deals and parking, then expansion just got alot easier. You could have a team in Halifax or Moncton in a temp stadium for 10 years to prove itself and meanwhile get a read stadiun built or just bulid an new temp one. The only drawback is hosting Grey Cups, these venues can't get much extra seating per se. I know the league is looking at this very closely for future expaqnsion, so thoughts? Where to go, cities?

The inside scoop I'm hearing is a 20 year plan of growth to 16 teams that focusses on the following cities:

All Population figures are from 2006

Victoria - Metro Area 330,000
Kelowna - 360,000 (Inc. Kamloops, Penticton, Vernon & Merritt)
Saskatoon - Metro area 257,000 (Regina Metro Area Pop is only 195,000)
London - Metro Area 457,000
Quebec City - Metro Area 683,000
Moncton - Metro Area 126,000
Halifax - Metro Area 418,000

If the league controlled the Grey Cup 100% and split profits between member clubs evenly... then we could do away with the silly requirement that ALL CFL stadiums need be expandable to 45,000 seats to host Grey Cups...

Current CFL economics are incumbent upon every team getting a shot at the Grey Cup windfall by virtue of hosting it... Well that hasn't worked for Hamilton and it looks as if even with a new stadium its going to be hard to come by in Hamilton. The same will probably be true with any number of potential expansion markets even if they build proper stadiums.

Another thing that would be conducive to expansion is a higher reliance on TV money vs. gate... Again, as with Grey Cup revenue, if a club can rely on broadcast revenue in lieu of a 30,000 average paid attendance to be profitable, then more markets can enter the league on the premise that a 20,000 seat stadium would suffice.

So we already have SMS in the CFL... if Grey Cup revenues were ALWAYS league domain and TV revenues increase cosiderably in the next 10 years... the larger cities with larger stadiums could host Grey Cups more often or exclusively (the 7 that do so today + potentially Ottawa and maybe Hamilton) while cities like London, Halifax, Moncton, Quebec, Victoria , Kelowna and Saskatoon could play host to teams that play in smaller scale and more feasible stadiums.

I'd be happy with 10 teams in the CFL but any even number between 10 and 16 would be great with the current playoff format...

12 teams would be perfect, in 4 - 3 team divisions. 2 top teams play in 1st round, then winners then playoff buy (which the stagnancy often seems to hinder a team anyways). Why 4 divisions and not 2? Well, centralize teams so they play the closest ones most to reduce travel a bit.

local div - play 2 teams 3 x ea = 6 game
local conf - play 3 teams 2 x ea = 6 games
opposite conf - play 6 teams 1 x ea = 6 games

Thats 18 games. you flip back and forth home/away each year with out of conference teams. you split home/away with out of division teams each season. you play an odd # of games with the teams you are directly battling for a playoff spot with (and play them more than anyone else). the division leaders play each other 2 times over the season to decide 1st in the conference (point dif if required). You still play every team, which is good for the fans.

oh, and as for the list:
Victoria - Metro Area 330,000
Kelowna - 360,000 (Inc. Kamloops, Penticton, Vernon & Merritt)
Saskatoon - Metro area 257,000 (Regina Metro Area Pop is only 195,000)
London - Metro Area 457,000
Quebec City - Metro Area 683,000
Moncton - Metro Area 126,000
Halifax - Metro Area 418,000

I saw that published about 1.5 years ago (I am sure it was published before that).
The CFL published it for a potential 2015 expansion. I still think they are overlooking St John’s Newfoundland and Laval. A Saskatoon team would really hurt the Riders. I think all it would do is cripple both clubs. I could see one in Victoria, and one in atlantic. that would bring us to 11 with Ottawa. I don’t think the BC valley could sustain a franchise either. So that kinda leaves Quebec City as a front runner.



either Edmonton or Calgary would have to be in the same division as BC (Most likely the Esks as the other 3 teams share the same highway)…lots of travelling…not too fair, and a little less of fans making the trek.

TO (if they stick around)

Quebec City

I would love to try Saint John’s personally. I think a team would thrive there. With so many Newfoundlanders spread across the country, this would also help ticket sales in other regions. I think their fan support would be a lot similar to Rider Nation.
Leave London open for if the Argos fold once the Bills move in.

Guys, please lets not turn this into another expansion thread. It's just about having a preason game, either in addition to the preseason or at the cost of one preseason game.

Wow, what most seem to missing is the with the exception of Moncton each of those proposed cities have the population to support a team today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that this is a 20 year plan so in 2030 we would have a 16 team league!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There are many other expansion threads, post in those.

Good call.

From a short term business perspective, it doesn't make any sense to do this every year, since having @10,000 in Saskatoon is much less profitable than @30,000 in Regina (as well as setup costs in Toon Town). The same goes for most small-capacity stadiums in Canada. One idea I was thinking of was, in celebration of the 100th Grey Cup in 2012, you have the CFL host several games at neutral sites.

Fixed capacity stadiums:
Québec, PEPS Stadium: 12,257 (hosted 2003 preseason game)
Kingston, Richardson Memorial Stadium: 10,258 (Site of the 10th Grey Cup)
Moncton, Stade Moncton Stadium: 10,000
London, TD Waterhouse Stadium: 8000 (hosted 2002 preseason game)
Sherbrooke, Université de Sherbrooke Stadium: 8000
Victoria, Centennial Stadium: 5000 (hosted 1994 Commonwealth Games)
Halifax, Huskies Stadium: 4000 (hosted 2005 preseason game)
Saskatoon, Griffiths Stadium: 4997

I suppose it depends on what is more important, reaching different regions or putting games in cities with big(ger) stadiums. It would be kind of skewed to have four additional preseason games all in the east, so it may be prudent to have some games in western Canada as well. You could also have the first four stadiums in this list host regular season games and the next four host a third preseason game. The problem I see with this is that Ottawa would be left out, since their stadium would still be under construction.

I think honestly, we're probably going to have the Retro 80s year this year and then a Retro 90s. After that I would love to see an out of town game for each team be played. As I said, close enough that you can still draw from your hardcore fanbase and it lets you create some more regional interest. Sadly, I can only think of a couple stadiums

Montreal - Quebec City's PEPS Stadium
Toronto - Kingston's Richardson Memorial Stadium
Hamilton - London's TD Waterhouse Stadium or Waterloo's Knight-Newbrough Field
Saskachewan - Saskatoon's Griffiths Stadium
BC - Victoria's Royal Athletic Park

Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg - I got nothin'

If it was just one extra pre season game, there is nothing to luze revenue wise, and it would just be a nice opertunity to give CFL to people that wouldn't normally have the opertunity.

Well, the players union might disagree with that and want more money, but I think something could be worked out.